Happy Pills

Happy Pills

by Candlebox


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Release Date: 07/21/1998
Label: Maverick
UPC: 0093624697527
catalogNumber: 46975

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Happy Pills 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
''Happy Pills'' will most definitely make you happy - even w/out the pills! (Sorry...bad joke :) But really, people, this is the creme de la creme; it just doesn't get any better than this. Candlebox aims to please and thoroughly does so on this third and final album (sigh...Candlebox, come back!). I can honestly, unabashedly say that every song on this album is excellent. Even the one or two tracks that aren't so great are still great - if you know what I mean. You asked for better (after ''Lucy''), and you didn't get that - you got the best! Ok...enough of that. Let me tell you just what makes ''HP'' so marvelous.

Kevin Martin, Kevin Martin, Kevin Martin! Can I say it enuff??? He's golden on this album. If you liked ''Candlebox'', hold on to your hat bcuz ''Happy Pills'' is even better. It's got even more rockin', excellent songs, and sprinkled in-between are a couple of balladesque tunes (''Sometimes'' for example) - and Martin shines on every single one. You'll alternately love his screeching and his quiet, contemplative singing. But Martin's not the only one worthy of praise: Peter Klett is also genius on this album. His leading melodies are catchy, awe-inspiring, and genuinely beautiful. They're also timeless - I've honestly had days where all I've listened to is ''HP'' over and over again! And each time, I've fallen more in love with it. So PLEASE, dear reader, do yourself a favor: get ''Happy Pills''. Even if (increduously) you don't like/want the first two albums, at least get this one. It's fabulous! And although Candlebox generally started out as a more bluesy-hard rock band, ''HP'' leans more towards the latter (and just slightly away from the blues rock stuff), so it'll please even the more fickle modern rock enthusiasts.

So get ''Happy Pills''! It's one of the few albums that I absolutely love through and through. All the songs are great - though personally, I think I like ''A Stone's Throw Away'' the best - just bcuz it's the one song (out of Candlebox's plentiful repertoire) that's the most jammin! (But beware - on this album, it's also the most bluesy. ;) So, I'll say it a final time: go ''Happy Pills'' all the way. I don't think you'll regret it for a moment (if anything, you'll lament the fact that Candlebox is no longer around). Enjoy!
{Peace, jem}