Hangman Puzzles For A Road Trip: Game Book For Clever Kids & Adults For Airplane Rides During Spooky Times, 8.5

Hangman Puzzles For A Road Trip: Game Book For Clever Kids & Adults For Airplane Rides During Spooky Times, 8.5"x11", 120 Pages, Halloween Print Cover With Cards, Witch Stick & Hat, Crystal Ball, Secret Deathly Hallow

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Are you getting in the spooky Halloween mood yet? This cute little Halloween themed Hangman puzzle book is the perfect challenge for your family and kids.

Are you a parent, grandparent, teacher, or home schooling teacher who is looking for a game book for your kids that matches the season like this creepy Halloween themed activity game book?

Then discover this spooky themed Halloween game book.

Hangman is a classic word game that is played in a similar way to the popular TV show ‘Wheel of Fortune.’


This is a game for two players, a host and a guesser.

The host chooses a word or short phrase and the guesser must guess it before the unfortunate character is ‘hanged’

We give you 24 letter spaces. The host should black out the unneeded spaces, leaving the correct number for their word. If they choose a phrase, they should also black out the spaces between the words of the phrase.

The guesser begins to guess letters. For example, they may ask “Is there an A in this word?”

If that letter is in the word, the host writes in all the places it appears.

If that letter does not appear, the host fills out a dotted line on the hangman diagram.

At any point, the guesser may guess the word. If they are incorrect, another line is filled out on the hangman.

If the hangman is completed (which takes six missed guesses), the guesser has lost.

If the guesser guesses the word correctly before the hangman is completed, they win.

Variation of the game:

If you’re playing with children who might need more guesses, they can also draw a sad face on the hangman.

Hangman is a popular game to play in school because it helps kids to practice spelling.

This book includes the following challenges:

120 Pages Hangman Game Pages

Family & Children save

Product Features:

Easy-to-Carry in a backpack or bag

dimensions: 8.5"x11"

120 Pages

Cover: Soft, Matte

Binding: Perfect binding, non-spiral

Uniquely designed cover

High quality

Heavy paper

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ISBN-13: 9783749773251
Publisher: Inge Baum
Publication date: 10/25/2019
Pages: 122
Sales rank: 1,010,765
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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