Handel, Bach: Dixit Dominus; Magnificat

Handel, Bach: Dixit Dominus; Magnificat

by Vox LuminisVox Luminis


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The Belgian early music group Vox Luminis has made several wonderful recordings of lesser-known Baroque repertory. They cultivate a distinctive sound with ten or 15 singers (here there are ten) and a small instrumental group, diverging completely from the general Italianate-operatic trend toward brisk tempos, sharp accents, and dramatic conceptions. Here they take on two very familiar works and meet the challenge of creating unique interpretations. Even in the splendid Bach "Magnificat in D major, BWV 243" (sample one of the big choruses, perhaps "Fecit potentiam"), they are smooth and even delicate. The sound is all the more impressive in that leader Lionel Meunier does not really conduct; he sings in the choir itself. Yet the carefully burnished sound is extremely coherent. The effect is to deliver a personal aspect even to these highly public works. In this kind of reading there is the necessity for the performers to deliver text intelligibility and for the instrumentalists to deliver balance, and all succeed nicely, as do Alpha Classics' engineers, working in a pair of churches (Belgian for the Handel, Dutch for the Bach). This is a beautifully rendered representation of standard repertory that draws you into entirely new ways of looking at the music.

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Release Date: 11/17/2017
Label: Alpha
UPC: 3760014193705
catalogNumber: 370
Rank: 174576


  1. Magnificat, for 5 voices, 5-part chorus, orchestra & continuo in D major, BWV 243 (BC E14)

    1. Chorus Magnificat Anima Mea  (03:00)
    2. Aria Et Exsultavit  (02:21)
    3. Aria Quia Respexit  (02:11)
    4. Chorus Omnes Generationes  (02:22)
    5. Aria Quia Fecit Mihi Magna  (02:10)
    6. Aria (duetto) Et Misericordia  (03:28)
    7. Chorus Fecit Potentiam  (02:02)
    8. Aria Deposuit Potentes  (01:53)
    9. Aria Esurientes Implevit Bonis  (03:03)
    10. Aria (terzetto) Suscepit Israel  (01:55)
    11. Chorus Sicut Locutus  (02:07)
    12. Chorus Gloria Patri  (02:16)
  2. Dixit Dominus, hymn for soloists, chorus & orchestra in G minor, HWV 232

    1. Chorus Dixit Dominus Domino Meo  (05:51)
    2. Aria Virgam Virtutis Tuae  (03:09)
    3. Aria Tecum Principium In Die Virtutis  (02:52)
    4. Chorus Juravit Dominus  (02:38)
    5. Chorus Tu Es Sacerdos In Aeternum  (01:36)
    6. Chorus Dominus A Dextris Tuis  (02:59)
    7. Chorus Judicabit In Nationibus  (02:33)
    8. Chorus Conquassabit Capita  (01:07)
    9. Duetto & Chorus De Torrente In Via Bibet  (03:23)
    10. Chorus Gloria Patri Et Filio  (06:08)

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