Hail to the Thief [Limited Edition]

Hail to the Thief [Limited Edition]

by RadioheadRadiohead

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record)

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Since the release of 1997's OK Computer, Radiohead have grown consistently more adventurous -- and, in some ways, consistently more obscure. Hail to the Thief, which was initially described as something of a return to the song-based dynamic of the band's earlier work, is anything but; it is, however, another fascinating turn on the long and winding road that Thom Yorke and company are staking out. The jarring tone of the thrashing "2 + 2 = 5" seems to indicate that a heavy rock mood is in store, but that supposition is set aside by densely layered electronic tracks, such as the 9-11 meditation "The Gloaming" and "Backdrifts," an ambient piece that swirls like the more elegiac end of Spiritualized. Yorke has grown more confident about standing -- figuratively speaking, of course -- naked before his audience, and Hail has its share of stripped-bare moments, the best of which might be "Sail to the Moon," a piano-laced ballad that threatens to drift into the ether. Yorke is equally revelatory on "I Will," a fretful wisp of a song that hints at a fear of impending apocalypse. His mates don't exactly slough off, of course: Jonny Greenwood's guitar elevates the surprisingly warm "Scatterbrain," while his bass-slinging brother Colin takes the reins on the fuzzy, enveloping "Myxomatosis." While not as whiplash-inducing in its innovation as some of Radiohead's albums, Hail to the Thief is richly textured and whip-smart enough to keep fans bowing in awe.

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Release Date: 09/02/2008
Label: Parlophone (Wea)
UPC: 0724358454314
catalogNumber: 845431


  1. 2 + 2 = 5
  2. Sit Down, Stand Up
  3. Sail To The Moon
  4. Backdrifts
  5. Go To Sleep
  6. Where I End And You Begin
  7. We Suck Young Blood
  8. The Gloaming
  9. There, There
  10. I Will 1:59
  11. A Punch Up At A Wedding
  12. Myxomatosis
  13. Scatterbrain
  14. A Wolf At The Door

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