Hail, Caesar! [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Hail, Caesar! [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

by Carter BurwellCarter Burwell


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The 16th film collaboration between the Coen Brothers and composer Carter Burwell, Hail, Caesar! tells the story of a few days in the life of a Los Angeles movie studio head of production (Josh Brolin) in the early 1950s. Its soundtrack contains a diverse score by Burwell, who, due to the nature of the movie's subject matter, provided music for not only the story's main setting but multiple films within the film. It also includes an original song by Broadway composer Henry Krieger (Dreamgirls, Side Show) and lyricist Willie Reale (A Year with Frog and Toad). The film genres covered by the score include a war-time musical, a western, a Biblical epic, an English living room drama, and a water musical à la Esther Williams that features an original performance of the barcarolle from Offenbach's opera Tales of Hoffmann. Outside of these movies in production at the studio, Burwell incorporates wistful strings and piano, Soviet hymns (segments are actual historical recordings by the Red Army Choir), and big-band tunes, among other styles, for the main narrative. The soundtrack's -- and the film's -- musical highlight is easily the show-stopping Gene Kelly-like dance number "No Dames!" led by Channing Tatum, about sailors returning to duty from leave ("We might even see a mermaid, but mermaids got no gams"). Another treat is the pre-existing western ballad "Lazy Ol' Moon" performed by Willie Watson, who sings for Alden Ehrenreich. (It was sung by Roy Rogers in the 1939 film The Arizona Kid.) The overly dramatic, brass- and percussion-heavy score for the Biblical Hail, Caesar! flick within Hail, Caesar! is both laughable and entirely accurate for the genre and era, and a score track like the penultimate "Behold" elegantly gathers themes and instrumentation from various characters and settings in the film. Ambitious and utterly accomplished, the soundtrack will likely delight at least Coen fans and classic-film buffs, especially those who can appreciate the music's comedy.

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Release Date: 02/05/2016
Label: Backlot Music
UPC: 0851147006260
catalogNumber: 626
Rank: 75570


  1. Fiat Lux
  2. 5 A.M.
  3. Hail, Caesar!
  4. Baird Hijacked
  5. Hobie and Whitey
  6. Jonah's Daughter
  7. Comrades Convene
  8. Cattle Call
  9. Malibu Safe House
  10. No Dames!
  11. The Hands of Communists
  12. Little Eddie
  13. Our Father
  14. Lazy Old Moon Overture
  15. Lazy Old Moon
  16. Glory of Love
  17. Song of India
  18. In Pursuit of the Future
  19. Slavery and Suffering
  20. Soviet Man
  21. Denizens of the City
  22. Silverman Sax
  23. Faith God Damn It!
  24. Back to the Backlot
  25. Behold
  26. Echelon's Song

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Carter Burwell   Primary Artist,Conductor
Bill Mays   Piano
John Patitucci   Bass
Bruce Dukov   Concert Master
William Booth   Trombone
Aleta Braxton   Vocals
Darius Campo   Violin
Barry Carl   Vocals
Wade Culbreath   Percussion
Glenn Drewes   Trumpet
Stephen Erdody   Cello
Larry Farrell   Trombone
Lawrence Feldman   Saxophone
Julie Gigante   Violin
Jerry Grossman   Cello
Joyce Hammann   Violin
Aaron Heick   Saxophone
Paula Hochhalter   Cello
Dennis Karmazyn   Cello
Randy Kerber   Piano
Dennis Mackrel   Drums
Edward Meares   Bass
Maria Newman   Viola
Helen Nightengale   Violin
Suzanne Ornstein   Violin
Barry Perkins   Trumpet
Katia Popov   Violin
Roger Rosenberg   Saxophone
Larry Saltzman   Guitar
Kim Scholes   Cello
Andy Snitzer   Saxophone
Roger Wilkie   Violin
Marcia Dickstein   Harp
Elizabeth Lim   Violin
Ragga Petursdottir   Violin
Dave Riekenberg   Saxophone
Drew Dembowski   Bass
Jon Owens   Trumpet
William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach   Trombone
Bob Joyce   Vocals
Natalie Leggett   Violin
Frank Barr   Vocals
Marc Goldberg   Bassoon
Nico Abondolo   Bass
Shawn Mann   Viola
Maureen McDermott   Cello
Mike Geiger   Vocals
David Washburn   Trumpet
Irina Voloshina   Violin
Eun Mee Ahn   Violin
Joe Fiedler   Trombone
Rose Corrigan   Bassoon
Michael Steinberger   Vocals
Michael Valerio   Bass
Sharon Yamada   Violin
Robert Rinehart   Viola
Matthew Brown   Vocals
Lisa Kim   Violin
Jenny Strenger   Violin
Katherine Harris   Vocals
James Hayden   Vocals
Red Army Chorus   Choir, Chorus
Nick Cords   Viola
Jung Sun Yoo   Violin
Edward J. Atkatz   Percussion
Gregory Goodall   Percussion
Dave Walther   Viola
Ana Landauer   Violin
Amy Fogerson   Vocals
Jasper Randall   Vocals
Suzee Waters   Vocals
Claire Fedoruk   Vocals
Joshua Ranz   Clarinet
Mindy Kaufman   Flute
Misa Iwama   Vocals
Shmuel Katz   Viola
Sein Ryu   Violin
Lisa Liu   Violin
Jessica Rotter   Vocals
Tereza Stanislav   Violin
Gerald White   Vocals
Brian Pareschi   Trumpet
Wendy Baker   Vocals
Teag Reaves   French Horn
Hila Plitmann   Vocals
Serena McKinney   Violin
Alma Fernandez   Viola
Maya Magub   Violin
Mark Adams   French Horn
C.J. Camerieri   Trumpet
Cathy Sim   Violin
Jeanine Wynton   Violin
Yuri Namkung   Violin
Emily Popham   Violin
Tori Drake   Harp
Kuan Cheng Lu   Violin
Robert Brophy   Viola
Ryan Keberle   Trombone
Sarah Lynch   Vocals
Ascention Church Choir   Choir, Chorus
Margery Daley   Vocals
Shawn Kirchner   Vocals
Neil Samples   Violin
Annaliesa Place   Violin
Anthony McGill   Clarinet
Alan Stepansky   Cello
Lewis White   Vocals
Stuart Clark   Clarinet
Nicholas Canellakis   Cello
Alex Iles   Trombone
Max Zeugner   Bass
Amy Justman   Vocals
BJ Fredricks   Vocals
Jeff Nelson   Trombone
Michael Lichtenauer   Vocals
Phillip Levy   Violin
Alexei Gonzales   Cello
Karen Hogle Brown   Vocals
Steven Hrycelak   Vocals
Joshua South   Vocals
Junah Chung   Viola
Jon Lee Keenan   Vocals
Tamara Hatwan   Violin
Elissa Johnston   Vocals
Matt Castle   Vocals
Dave Everson   French Horn
Matthew Funes   Viola
Peter Walker   Vocals
Jon Lewis   Trumpet
Kent Tritle   Vocals
Julia King   Cello
Lara Wickes   Oboe
Grace E. Oh   Violin
Meredith Crawford   Viola
Keisuke Ikuma   Oboe
Nike St. Clair   Vocals
Nancy Sulahian   Vocals
Gregg Geiger   Vocals
Jenny Graham   Vocals
Pavel Vinnitsky   Clarinet
Harriet Fraser   Vocals
Daniel Chaney   Vocals
Joanna Maurer   Violin
Erik Charlston   Timpani
Ellen DePasquale   Violin
Emily Bruskin   Violin
Steve Pence   Vocals
Jessica E. Guideri   Violin
Luanne Homzy   Violin
Hyunju Lee   Violin
Heather Petrie   Vocals
Abdiel González   Vocals
Luke Fleming   Viola
David Southorn   Violin
Stephen Sas   Bass
Laura Brenes   French Horn
Xiao-Dan Zheng   Cello
John Tiranno   Vocals
Zach Dellinger   Viola
Will Goldman   Vocals
Hayden Eberhart   Vocals
Dylan Gentile   Vocals
Alexis Sykes   Viola
Jacob Braun   Cello
Timothy Parsons   Vocals
Marc Day   Vocals
Laura Green   Vocals
Joseph Beutel   Vocals
Daniel Hoy   Vocals
Paul An   Vocals
Mischa Frusztajer   Vocals
Carrah Flahive   Vocals
Kasondra Kazanjian   Vocals
Cindy Marty   Vocals
Steve Amerson   Vocals
Remi Pelletier   Viola
Patrick Fennig   Vocals
Geraldine Rotella   Flute
Eric Brenner   Vocals
Doug Purcell   Vocals
Daniel Krekeler   Bass
Christopher Still   Trumpet
Brian Giebler   Vocals
Amaranta Viera   Vocals
Adrienne Sommervile   Viola
Sarah Grieffith   Vocals
Jamie Chamberlinj   Vocals
Danya Katok   Vocals

Technical Credits

Billy Hill   Composer
Douglas Besterman   Orchestration
Carter Burwell   Composer,Producer
Sonny Kompanek   Orchestration
Sandra Park   Vocal Conductor
Todd Whitelock   Engineer
Tex Owens   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Adam Michalak   Scoring Recordist
Ethan Coen   Writer,Direction
Joel Coen   Writer,Direction
Henry Krieger   Composer
Kyle Staggs   Music Business Affairs
Dean Parker   Composer's Assistant
Nikolai Kedrov   Composer
Dmitri Oleg Yachinov   Arranger
Willie Reale   Composer
Alexander Alexandrov   Composer
Walter G. Samuels   Composer
Tim Marchiafava   Scoring Recordist
Jake Voulgarides   Production Director
Sam Davis   Arranger
Nikki Walsh   Marketing
Tanya Perara   Music Business Affairs
O. Kolitchev   Composer

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