Gurus on E-Business: A Guide to the Worlds Thought-Leaders in E-Business

Gurus on E-Business: A Guide to the Worlds Thought-Leaders in E-Business

by John Middleton


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This book explores the impact and significance of e-business as illustrated by the work and thinking of a number of key players in the field. Its aim is to be an accessible guide for business people who are looking to make optimal and profitable use of e-business, as well as students and others who are looking for a deeper understanding of the subject.

Tim Berners-Lee · Jeff Bezos · Frances Cairncross · Manuel Castells · Jim Clary ·Michael Dell · Larry Downes & Chunka Mui· Peter Drucker · Esther Dyson · Philip Evans & Thomas Wurster · Carla Fiorina · Bill Gates · William Gibson · Andy Grove · Michael Hammer · Jonathan Ive · Steve Jobs · Kevin Kelly · Ray Kurzweil · Charles Leadbeater · James Martin · Gerry McGovern · Regis McKenna · Robert Metcalfe · Paul Mockapetris · Geoffrey A. Moore · Gordon Moore · John Naisbitt · Nicholas Negroponte · Larry Page and Sergey Brin · Jeff Papows · Don Peppers and Martha Rogers · Michael Porter · David S Pottruck & Harry Pearce · Thomas Stewart · Alvin Toffler · Linus Torvalds · Meg Whitman · Niklas Zennström · Shoshana Zuboff

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781854183866
Publisher: Thorogood
Publication date: 03/28/2006
Series: Gurus Series
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.25(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

John Middleton is Co-Director of the Centre for Strategic Thinking. From 1996 until 2004, he was Director of the Bristol Management Research Centre. He is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development and since 1994 has been an Associate Lecturer at the University of Bristol. He has taught IT Management on Manchester Business School's International MBA programme since 2001.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements; The scope of this book; Introduction; The influence of technology; Summary; 1 E-BUSINESS–THE STRATEGIC DIMENSION: The internet offers huge scope for cost-cutting; The hare, the tortoise and the internet; Internet only companies carry less organizational baggage; He who pays the piper…; The rise and fall of the middleman; Internet-based alliances; The simple conclusion–strategy has an e-dimension; 2 E-BUSINESS–THE GLOBAL DIMENSION: Let’s stick together: the importance of clusters; 3 E-BUSINESS–THE ORGANIZATIONAL DIMENSION: The internet and organizations; The rise of the cyber cottage industry; 4 THE E-BUSINESS GURUS: 1 Tim Berners-Lee; 2 Jeff Bezos; 3 Frances Cairncross; 4 Manuel Castells; 5 Jim Clark; 6 Michael Dell; 7 Larry Downes & Chunka Mui; 8 Peter Drucker; 9 Esther Dyson; 10 Philip Evans & Thomas Wurster; 11 Carly Fiorina; 12 Bill Gates; 13 William Gibson; 14 Andy Grove; 15 Michael Hammer; 16 Jonathan Ive; 17 Steve Jobs; 18 Kevin Kelly; 19 Ray Kurzweil; 20 Charles Leadbeater; 21 James Martin; 22 Gerry McGovern; 23 Regis McKenna; 24 Robert Metcalfe; 25 Paul Mockapetris; 26 Geoffrey A. Moore; 27 Gordon Moore; 28 John Naisbitt; 29 Nicholas Negroponte; 30 Larry Page & Sergey Brin; 31 Jeff Papows; 32 Don Peppers & Martha Rogers; 33 Michael Porter; 34 David S. Pottruck and Terry Pearce; 35 Thomas Stewart; 36 Alvin Toffler; 37 Linus Torvalds; 38 Meg Whitman; 39 Niklas Zennström; 40 Shoshana Zuboff; 5 CASE STUDIES: e-Bay;
Encyclopaedia Britannica; Seven-Eleven Japan; Vermeer Technologies; Best practice: pulling it all together; 6 ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY; 7 TRACKING E-BUSINESS TRENDS; 8 AN E-BUSINESS GLOSSARY.

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