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Guitar for Beginners: Teach Yourself To Master Your First 100 Chords on Guitar& Develop A Lifetime Of Guitar Success Habits Even if You Have No Idea What A Chord Actually Is

Guitar for Beginners: Teach Yourself To Master Your First 100 Chords on Guitar& Develop A Lifetime Of Guitar Success Habits Even if You Have No Idea What A Chord Actually Is

by F And F Guitar


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Discover How You Can Master Your First Guitar Chords And Establish The Essential Foundation To Reach Your Potential As A Guitarist

Why should you master chords as a beginner?

Quite simply, learning (and mastering chords) is essential if you want to become a successful Guitarist.

Sure, you could just learn a few chords and play 100s, maybe even 1000s of songs, but you can go deeper than that, you can master chords and become the Guitarist you dream of being.

Visualize this.

You sit down with your Guitar, instead of being limited to your usual songs and practice routine, you now have complete freedom. Your creative juices are flowing, knowing that your potential to create incredible Music is no longer limited, your potential has finally been unleashed.

The self-limiting box you and many beginner Guitarists have put themselves in will be smashed open with this book, whether you just want to play a wider range of songs, or are looking to create your next masterpiece, this book will allow you to do just that.

But, it isn't simply a 'list of chords' for you to learn and memorize.

This book is a practical and fun way to help you master chords with easy to follow methods and step by step instructions for every step on your journey.

I will guide you through mastery of the most basic chords, all the way to the most exciting and  'advanced' chords, while also detailing the correct techniques, chord changes and finger positions.

But it goes beyond the teachings. It goes beyond just mastering the chords.

It's about setting you up with a lifetime of amazing Guitar habits that lay the foundation for you to reach whatever heights you desire in your Guitarist journey.

Whether that's simply jamming out in your garage at weekends or playing your own original songs in front of raving crowds, my goal is to help you truly fulfill your potential as a Guitarist.

Here's a slither of what's inside...

  • EVERYTHING You Need To Know Before You Start Your Guitarist Journey (Including 4 Must Know Things To Set Yourself Up For Success)
  • The Must Know Practice Routine To Skyrocket Your Results In LESS Time!
  • 1 Simple Trick For Effortless And Fluent Chord Changes
  • A Complete Understanding Of How To Play The Chords Including The Essential Theory Behind Them
  • Why Developing Healthy Guitar Habits From Day 1 Is Essential To Reaching Your Potential As A Guitarist
  • Think You Need To Learn Endless Amounts Of Music Theory Before You Start Playing? Think Again. (And Inside You'll Discover What To Do Instead)
  • What Professional Guitarists Use To Maximize Their Playing Ability, That You Aren't Utilizing
  • Exactly What To Do Once You Master Your First 100 Chords And Take Your Guitarist Journey To The Next Level

And that is BARELY scratching the surface!

 This book is looking to go beyond simply learning the basics of Guitar and stopping there.

Instead, it is designed to be the foundation for a lifetime of Guitarist development, improvement and success.

This book is for those Guitarists wanting to create and play amazing music, and become the musician they have dreamed about being. And, I think a lot of you reading this right now want to do just that.

So, If You're Ready To Master Your First  Chords Then Scroll Up And Click "Add To Cart."

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ISBN-13: 9781989838945
Publisher: Donna Lloyd
Publication date: 10/01/2020
Pages: 132
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