Greatest Hits: The First Ten Years

Greatest Hits: The First Ten Years

by Vanessa WilliamsVanessa Williams


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When former Miss America/Penthouse poser Vanessa Williams picked up a microphone in 1988 with The Right Stuff, her managers did the business-smart, and expected, thing: They buried her beneath a coat of glossy production and dancefloor beeps and bips to disguise whatever vocal shortcomings this walking mannequin might have. But a funny thing happened within a few years. It turned out that Williams, when given the right material, could actually sing. And when handed torch songs that emphasized her natural slow burn -- like on the glorious ballad "Save the Best for Last" -- Williams was a genuinely sexy and capable performer. Greatest Hits: The First Ten Years gathers the biggest 13 songs from her first decade. The club tunes are generic and could be served just as well by anyone, but the finest tunes here ("Save the Best for Last," "Love Is," and "Colors of the Wind") are smoldering slices of R&B that certify Williams is more than just a pretty face.

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Release Date: 11/24/1998
Label: Mercury
UPC: 0731453827127
catalogNumber: 538271
Rank: 50949


  1. The Right Stuff
  2. Dreamin'
  3. Running Back to You
  4. The Comfort Zone
  5. Save the Best for Last
  6. The Sweetest Days
  7. Betcha Never
  8. Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly
  9. Oh How the Years Go By
  10. Love Is
  11. Colors of the Wind
  12. Where Do We Go from Here?
  13. My Flame

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Vanessa Williams   Primary Artist,Vocals,Background Vocals
Babyface   Keyboards
Ada Dyer   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Gary Taylor   Vocals,Multi Instruments
Hubert Laws   Flute
Rachelle Ferrell   Background Vocals
Audrey Wheeler   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Phil Madeira   Hammond Organ
Brian McKnight   Background Vocals
Ronn Huff   Conductor
Keith Thomas   Synthesizer,Bass,Keyboards
Michael Brown   Loops
Duane Benjamin   Trombone
Chuckii Booker   Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Randy Bowland   Guitar
Bridgette Bryant   Background Vocals
Daryl Burgee   Percussion
Debbie Cole   Background Vocals
Carol Coleman   Background Vocals
Paulinho Da Costa   Percussion
Steve Crawford   Choir, Chorus
Lori Fulton   Background Vocals
Trevor Gale   Keyboards
Kenni Hairston   Keyboards
Chris Harris   Choir, Chorus
Juno Hoo   Voices
Dann Huff   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Robert Johnson   Choir, Chorus
Kipper Jones   Vocals,Background Vocals
Will Lee   Bass
Scott Mayo   Saxophone
Valerie Mayo   Background Vocals
Fred McFarlane   Bass,Keyboards
Jerry McPherson   Acoustic Guitar
Meshell Ndegeocello   Bass,Vocals
Michael Mellett   Choir, Chorus
Joey Miskulin   Accordion
Cindy Mizelle   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Nick Moroch   Guitar,Keyboards,Synthesizer Bass
Nashville String Machine   Strings
Janice Pendarvis   Background Vocals
George Pendergrass   Choir, Chorus
Gary Pigg   Choir, Chorus
Fernando Pullum   Trumpet
Cindy Richardson   Choir, Chorus
Donald Robinson   Keyboards
Angel Rogers   Background Vocals
Bob Rosa   Sampling
Rex Salas   Keyboards
Hank Shocklee   Sampling
Jimmie Lee Sloas   Bass
Dave Stewart   Background Vocals
Denise Walls   Choir, Chorus
Eric Sadler   Sampling
Carol Steele   Percussion
Bill Stephney   Sampling
Lisa Cochran   Choir, Chorus
Tabitha Fair   Background Vocals
Dan Needham   Drums
Gil & Johnny   Background Vocals
Billy Gaines   Choir, Chorus
DJ L.A. Jay   Sampling
Rob Von Arx   Sampling
Da'Dra Great House   Choir, Chorus
Hank Schocklee   Sampling
Michael Black   Choir, Chorus
Tim Davis   Choir, Chorus
Keith John   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Babyface   Producer
Gary Taylor   Arranger,Producer
Vanessa Williams   Producer,Vocal Arrangements
David Foster   Arranger,Producer
Wendy Waldman   Composer
Gary Brown   Producer
Brian McKnight   Producer
Ronn Huff   Orchestration,String Arrangements
Keith Thomas   Arranger,Producer,String Arrangements,drum programming,Piano Programming
Michael Brown   beats
Robbie Buchanan   Arranger
Claude Demers   Engineer
Ed Eckstine   Executive Producer
Michael Frenke   Engineer
Phil Galdston   Composer
Trevor Gale   Producer,drum programming
Brad Gilderman   Engineer
Kenni Hairston   Producer,drum programming
Mark Hammond   drum programming
Rod Hui   Remixing
Kipper Jones   Producer,Vocal Arrangements
Jon Lind   Composer
Bill Malina   Engineer
Scott Mayo   Horn Arrangements
Nick Moroch   Arranger,Producer,drum programming
Donald Robinson   Arranger,Producer
Bob Rosa   Producer,beats
Jim Salamone   drum programming
Rex Salas   Arranger,Producer
Will Schillinger   Engineer
Reggie Stewart   rhythm arrangement
Gary Tole   Engineer
Kieran Walsh   Engineer
Bill Whittington   Engineer
Erik Zobler   Engineer
Mike Tarsia   Engineer
Ross Donaldson   Engineer
Margery Greenspan   Art Direction
DJ L.A. Jay   Producer,beats
Matt Wells   Engineer
Randy Walker   MIDI Programming
Dexter Simmons   Drum Samples
Rob Von Arx   Producer,beats
Gerry Brown   Producer,Engineer
Stefan Beckman   Prop Stylist

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