Great Australian Ghost Stories

Great Australian Ghost Stories

by Richard Davis

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Australia has a rich history of ghost sightings and spooky tales, from the time of European settlement until today - and they are all here in GREAT AUSTRALIAN GHOST STORIES. From gore-spattered convicts and elegant women out of our colonial past to the mysterious ghost lights of the outback and angry poltergeists that wreak havoc on modern homes, Australia seems to be teeming with the restless spirits of our ancestors. You'll meet a wide cross section of them in this far-reaching collection of stories drawn from all the Australian states and covering two centuries of our nation's history. Some ghosts are vengeful, some aloof, others mysterious, sad, kind, wistful or amusing, but all share one quality - they're scary - and their stories are hair-raising. You'll join a terrified young couple on a Ferris wheel when a spectre appears inside their cage, you'll learn about Australia's most famous ghost and visit Australia's most notorious haunted house where icy hands gripped the throats of unsuspecting visitors. You'll meet a ghost made famous by Henry Lawson, discover what 'the haunted dunny' means to the people of a village in the Barossa Valley and share in the terror of a medical student when a cadaver comes back from the dead and takes up residence in the student's laptop. So, dear reader, if you have the courage, make sure the doors and windows are locked, settle in your favourite chair, keep a blanket handy (for when your blood runs cold) and join Richard Davis on this remarkable journey behind the veil that separates the mortal from the eternal - right here in our own back yard.

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ISBN-13: 9781743095904
Publisher: ABC Books
Publication date: 07/01/2012
Series: Great Australian Stories
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 322
File size: 672 KB

About the Author

Richard Davis was born and educated in Melbourne and now lives in Queensland. He was encouraged in his writing by Alan Marshall, Ivan Southall and later, Nobel prize-winning author Patrick White. Richard pursued a successful career in commerce before taking up full-time writing in 1997. Since then his published works have included three internationally acclaimed biographies of musicians: Geoffrey Parsons - Among Friends (ABC Books), Eileen Joyce: A Portrait (Fremantle Press) and Anna Bishop - The Adventures of an Intrepid Prima Donna (Currency Press). The latest in this series is Wotan’s Daughter - The Life of Marjorie Lawrence.

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