The Gray Wolf Throne (Seven Realms Series #3)

The Gray Wolf Throne (Seven Realms Series #3)

by Cinda Williams Chima


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Han Alister thought he had already lost everyone he loved. But when he finds his friend Rebecca Morley near death in the Spirit Mountains, Han knows that nothing matters more than saving her. The costs of his efforts are steep, but nothing can prepare him for what he soon discovers: the beautiful, mysterious girl he knew as Rebecca is none other than Raisa ana'Marianna, heir to the Queendom of the Fells. Han is hurt and betrayed. He knows he has no future with a blueblood. And, as far as he's concerned, the princess's family as good as killed his own mother and sister. But if Han is to fulfill his end of an old bargain, he must do everything in his power to see Raisa crowned queen.

Meanwhile, some people will stop at nothing to prevent Raisa from ascending. With each attempt on her life, she wonders how long it will be before her enemies succeed. Her heart tells her that the thief-turned-wizard Han Alister can be trusted. She wants to believe it-he's saved her life more than once. But with danger coming at her from every direction, Raisa can only rely on her wits and her iron-hard will to survive-and even that might not be enough.

The Gray Wolf Throne is an epic tale of fierce loyalty, unbearable sacrifice, and the heartless hand of fate.

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ISBN-13: 9781423121381
Publisher: Disney Press
Publication date: 08/07/2012
Series: Seven Realms Series , #3
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 544
Sales rank: 20,225
Product dimensions: 5.62(w) x 8.04(h) x 1.12(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Cinda Williams Chima is the New York Times Bestselling author of The Warrior Heir, The Wizard Heir, The Dragon Heir, and the first two books in the Seven Realms series, The Demon King and The Exiled Queen. She lives in Ohio with her family.

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Gray Wolf Throne (A Seven Realms Novel) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 290 reviews.
mcummings More than 1 year ago
The third volume of the Seven Realms series, it really felt like Chima finally has settled into the story of Han and Raisa. Han must finally face the moment we've all waited for - when he discovers his friend and love interest Rebecca is in fact the Princess Heir Raisa of the Queendom of the Fells. Overwhelmingly, though, this is Raisa's volume. Friction and violence increase as the people trying to keep Raisa out of the way increase their efforts. Will they succeed? Of course not. This is a fantasy series, and we all know the heroine and hero ultimately will prevail to win the day. Right? Maybe. Not everything will go to plan as Raisa returns home in this volume. The action and pace of the third volume are more consistent, giving the reader a solid return for their investment in the series. My biggest complaint, and perhaps this isn't fair since the principal character is a sixteen year old girl, is the complete inconsistency in her feelings towards the men in her life. Its difficult to tell who we should be rooting for as a love interest when Raisa herself changes gears every few pages, from mooning over Amon, to Nightwalker, to Micah and Han. If you've read the other two volumes of this series, then you deserve this volume. The first half of the book is fast paced (I read the first 300 pages in a day) and will keep you on your toes. The second half of the book slows down, right about the point we realize that we are being set up for the fourth book. Although I think this was the best volume of the series so far, I'm only going to give it four stars - my socks weren't blown off, just mildly uncurled at a few points. I would have liked more from Han, and found the one chapter from Amon's perspective both refreshing and unexpected since no other non Han/Raisa character ranked their own chapter.
thecollector0 More than 1 year ago
I love this series and this third book did not disappoint. like with the other two I could not put it down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best book s i have ever read can't wait intil october for the crimson crown ya 500 pgs long:)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I came upon this series by accident. I had seen the cover o the books and well, i judged it by the cover. I was still mourning the loss of the previous series i was reading coming to an end. This series/book really gipped me. I was enthralled by the way it just seemed to flow. I cant believe that this was as good as it is. After I read the first i couldnt stop myself from reading the second. The love problems really made it enticing, although trying to find out what genre it is was a little difficult. Its more like a reality show. Still a great book. It wasa refreshing change to have something out of the ordinary. I hope that she will continue writing these books. The third was great and left alot of questions, the perfect "cliff hanger". I am glad to have come upon a series that wasnt finished so that i may have something to look forward to. All in all, great book and series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Yayy there is going to be another book the crimson crown yayyy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Again wonderful book! I love the suspense with the romance between characters. I finished all 3 books within weeks and am now eagerly waiting for the 4th book to come out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was a great third instalment to the series, but it was still missing that "it" factor that makes a classic. In the last two books Ms. Chima roughly balanced the amount of chapters following the main characters, but in book three the female role dominated the majority of the book. It was refreshing reading the two chapters that followed different minor characters and it gave a creative touch to end this instalment. Unfourtuantly the plot in this book was way to transparent and baisically gave away the whole plot for the last book (save the subplots and maybe the ending). The third book didn't have much action and none leaving the reader on edge about the characters future. Most writers tend to keep the deaths of important characters for the last couple of books (in this case the very last). I hope Ms. Chima is not afraid of making her readers cry and finds her inner George R. R. Martin. I have high expectations for the last novel in the seven realms series and that it will be an action packed, tearjerking, unpredictable, and masterpeice of a finale!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I devoured all three books in this series, absolutely love them. I became so enveloped in the world of the seven realms, that I will have a difficult time adjusting to real life. The only problem is how much is left unresolved. I wish barnes and noble would make it easier to track down books within a series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Make a 7 realms movie!
Ben Lasley More than 1 year ago
brian benavides More than 1 year ago
Amazing series GO HAN!!!!!!!
Paper_Dreams on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
It is hard to believe that it took be so long to begin reading this series! Once I did, however, I tore through it as fast as I could. I have come to love everything about this series from the characters to the setting and everything in between. So desperate to read this book, I actually ended up with two copies!Raisa and Han remain my favorite characters. They have come so far and have been forced to grow up so much. I admire them for their drive, determination, and strength. In The Gray Wolf Throne the stakes they are facing are even higher, but the easy friendship that existed between Rebecca and Han has been shattered by the truth. It was frustrating, but understandable, how Han handled that. One of the best parts of this book is how nearly all of the main characters are reunited. Amon is still upstanding, loyal, and heartbreaking. Dancer, Cat, and Willo also continue to thrive and grow as characters.The energy, pacing, everything in this book is more dramatic and intense than the previous books. All the issues that have been building come to a head in one tragic, horrifying moment. I adore this story with the intricacies and intrigue of royal life and the marvelous characters. I really can say very little about the plot without giving anything else away, so I shall leave it at that.This is definitely my favorite in the series so far. With each book everything has just gotten better and better; this is no exception to that. I was just completely blown away by this. If you have not started reading this series do it now! You will not regret it. I would highly recommend this, especially to fans of books like the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.
amwo on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
When I saw this was available on Netgalley I squealed and eagerly awaited the publisher to approve my review request. After reading it, I must say it definitely did not disappoint. Cinda Williams Chima's writing just gets better and better. After The Demon King, I was intrigued. After The Exiled Queen, I was hooked. Now after The Gray Wolf Throne I am absolutely obsessed and totally, completely in love. The book starts out a few weeks after The Exiled Queen ends, so all the characters are separated at the time. Because of this, I was a little anxious to get to the second half of the book because there was no romance or attractive young men. However, once I got over the fact that I would not see Han or Amon right away I really got into the story. If you've read the first two books, you know that Princess Raisa has many enemies. Because of that, the whole book was action packed. There's constantly fighting and running and tons of moments where Raisa and her protectors kick some butt. Raisa also really proved herself to me during this book. I was a little wary of her before because she could be a bit stubborn and sometimes self-centered, but as she deals with all of the attacks on her and her friends (spoiler alert, someone major gets killed), she proved to be fiercely loyal and showed a strong dedication to duty. Unfortunately, sometimes that duty got in the way of her and the people she loves. I admit, I was a bit frustrated with Cinda Williams Chima for throwing in a lot of romantic obstacles, but somehow she made the balance of the relationships in The Gray Wolf Throne work extremely well. Speaking of relationships, there sure was a ton of sexual tension and some romance. For such a busy girl, Raisa can sure catch a lot of men! So basically, the whole book is about Raisa coming into her own. It's jam-packed with her in action, grieving, and in love. I absolutely adored this book, and it was my favorite of Cinda William Chima's so far. I'm looking forward to seeing villains caught, a queendom growing stronger, and the blooming of relationships in the fourth book.
MrsBoswellBooks on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
First things first, I love the covers for this series - they are fantastic. The vibrant colors and the detailing on the cover art make them stand out.Now, moving on to what lay inside the covers. Cinda William Chima's Seven Realms series is one of my ultimate favorites. When I first pick up The Demon King about a year ago, I devoured it and quickly moved on to The Exiled Queen. At that point, I could not wait to get my hands on The Gray Wolf Throne. When I originally started The Gray Wolf Throne, I thought that it was the last book of the series. Once I finished, I was full of despair. How could the series end like that? What happened with the characters? Come to find out, Cinda "was on page 576 and nothing was resolved." (source) So, we get a fourth book! I have mixed feelings on this. Of course, I'm saddened by the fact that I have to wait another year to finish the story. Overall, my joy comes out on top. This series is so fantastic and I love that the books are so bulky... I will gladly wait another year to get another great book from Cinda.The Gray Wolf Throne is full of everything I love about Cinda's Seven Realms series: Lush setting, just enough romance, endless adventure and sensational character development.TGWT picks up closely to where TEQ left off. Raisa has escaped from Micah and Fiona Bayer and is now trying to decide what to do. Should she return home? Will anyone else hunt her down? Will Han come after her? While Han's journey is centered on trying to find Raisa, as well as fulfill his obligations to others.I felt like Raisa really grew in this installment. She was much more bold and more comfortable in her skin. She's beginning to understand what duty truly means in her shoes and of course, she's realizing what exactly love is. Raisa loves her queendom and has such a passion for those around her, she wants to help everyone. Unfortunately, as she is coming to find, sometimes duty has to come before love. In which case, things don't look so good for Han.On the other hand, Han is used to being ruthless and he's not giving up on Raisa yet. TGWT throws quite a few wrenches into Han's plans, but he usually finds his way around them. What I love about Han is his tenacity. He is a fighter and he does not know the meaning of giving up or giving in.The only downside I found was the lack of interaction between Han and Raisa. As much as I would have loved a little more romance between the two, I would have really just liked to see more of Han altogether. The Gray Wolf Throne is a bit more centered on Raisa and a bulk of the story is told from her POV.Overall, Cinda had me anxiously turning pages - or pressing the right arrow key on my laptop, rather - and sitting on the edge of my seat just waiting to find out what would happen to my beloved characters. The plot and the pace were better than ever, full of mystery and intrigue. The Gray Wolf Throne does not disappoint, it definitely has it all. Full of betrayal, heartbreak, tragedy and intrigue - a definite page-turner. Pick this one up, you won't be disappointed!
MrsMich02 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Come on Princess, you know Han is the one for you no matter what everyone else says. Like Nike, just do it!
katekf on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
In the third book of the Seven Realms' series, Chima pulls together many of the threads that she's been weaving as Han and Raisa return to the capital. The plot moves quickly as does Raisa and Han's relationship that keeps changing and one of Chima's gifts is how she can write the confusing feelings of teenagers accurately. By the end of book, everything has changed for Raisa and Han as they both try to find a way to figure out how to make the best of their current situation. I don't want to go into great detail because the plot is wonderful and complex and the Seven Realms' series is one of the best examples of how to write beautiful high fantasy on the market at the moment.
quirkylibrarian on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Another awesome installment in the Seven Realms series chronicling the adventures of Han "Cuffs" Alister and Princess Raisa aka Rebecca Morley. Adventure, danger, wizards and can you not love this? Just enough romance to keep it intriguing without being girly. Love it for teens and adults who like YA fiction.
BookAddictDiary on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Where do I start with this? Okay, I'll admit that I'm something of a fan girl here. I always really enjoyed Cinda Williams Chima's Heir series, but when I picked up her epic high fantasy Seven Realms series, I was in love. This series is one of the best young adult epic fantasies I've ever read. Yeah -it's that good. From beginning to end I was completely caught up in the thrilling and fantastic world of the characters and their exciting adventures. In The Gray Throne, princess heir Raisa returns home, only to find that her mother has died. Not only that, but political tides have shifted at court, and not in good ways for Raisa. Though the queen is dead, during Raisa's absence she was pressured to change the line of succession, making it more difficult for Raisa. Not only must Raisa settle into her pending role as queen (not to mention her budding romance with wizard and thief Han), but she must fight for the throne against a tide of politics and even her own sister.Wizards? Political intrigue? Family feuds? Forbidden romances? Strong female character? What's not to like? I mean, really, this one was awesome from the beginning. Raisa is presenting as a fascinatingly likable and wonderfully intelligent woman who is really to step up to her duty. Raisa really made the story for me, even more than in the previous books. Chima's excellent prose continues to shine through in every word, painting powerful emotions, realistic characters and detailed settings that take readers to another world.Keep in mind though -if you haven't read the previous Seven Realms books, you may be a little confused, but a completely satisfying continuation of the story that does not disappoint! A non-stop thrill-ride from beginning to end, Gray Wolf Throne is a must-read for 2011.
Arorax on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
It's still a good book, not as good as the previous two in this series, but still fast-paced, thrilling and adventurous. If you liked the previous two books you'll like this one. Regretfully there is not much of a satisfactory end, some small story-arcs finish, but it feels as if the characters just had to be put into place for the final book for which I'm now eagerly waiting.My main disappointment is that the characters do not seem to evolve much in this book, there are some small changes in objective which make them behave a little differently. Another one is the amount of time spent on Han (just a bit too little).The best part is the development of the relation between Han and Raisa, and the promise that in the next book there'll be a couple of major story-changes driven by Han's plots.So read it and await the final book for the story satisfaction.
seescootread on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
If you have read my previous reviews on the Seven Realms series, you will know that I am a huge fan of it. I was thrilled to have an advanced copy of The Gray Wolf Throne on hand; however, I am now cursed with an even longer wait for the next addition to the series! The Gray Wolf Throne did not disappoint. Picking up the story soon after events in The Exiled Queen we join Raisa and Han on their different journeys; Raisa trying to find her way to safety or home, and Han trying to find Raisa - while still fulfilling his commitments to the many masters of his life. The pace and plot of the story are fast and intriguing. The story has quite a few heartrending moments, and it takes on you on an emotional roller coaster. This is one of those series that just hooks you in from the start and keep you anxiously turning the pages until the end. I love it! In The Gray Wolf Throne truths are revealed, betrayals abound and hearts are broken and strengthened. In this story filled with tragedy and intrigue the only complaint I have is that there weren¿t more times with Han and Raisa together. Or just more time with Han. This novel is a lot more Raisa-centric, and she in some ways is a little more flimsy of a character. Raisa continues to develop, but her waffling in the romantic areas of her life did become a frustration. Regardless, this novel was a great adventure and I can¿t wait to find out what happens next! If you haven¿t started this series yet, go get started on it - and if you have - make sure to pick up The Gray Wolf Throne on August 30th! You won¿t be disappointed.
QueenAlchemy More than 1 year ago
My love for this series explodes further with each book that I read. I loved the first two books, but this book far exceeds the illustriousness of the first two books. I am so completely in love with this series. The world building is as strong as ever. Everything from the first two books stands firm in this book and there are small added tidbits to expand upon those things. It really does feel like a drop in the water that ripples out. I am so impressed with it. The characters get so much more lovable in this book! OMG, I cannot express my love of the character growth for each of the main characters. Heck, even the not-so-main characters. The main characters have come such a long way from who they were at the start of the first book of this series. They are almost different people. I say almost because the core of what has always made them who they are are still there. They have just matured in different ways. They have gone through magical transformations. The writing of these characters is exceptional. I mean, for example, I never thought that I would feel sorry for one of the antagonists. The relationships that are forming are also a delight to experience. I love the friendships that are forming. The plot is so unbelievably good! I love how everything has built up from the previous books. There is so much tension and so much champing at the bit for what will happen next. I like how the plot is full of mystery and that there are pieces in place for things that we don't know about yet. I also like that the plot flows very seamlessly. There are no choppy plot points that seem out of place. I adore the romances in the book. Especially the romance between the main characters. I like that the main romance was a slow-building romance that is still powerful. The way that the two main characters came together was very natural and wasn't forced at all. It is a perfect slow burn romance that burns intensely. I can't wait to see how it plays out in the last book! Overall, this series is definitely one that I recommend! This series is perfect for fans of the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes or the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. It is high fantasy with a deep-rooted plot, memorable characters, and a vibrant magical world. You'll definitely want to put this series on your to-be-read list!
PollyBennett More than 1 year ago
Very good book! Ended with a question, a mystery. Loved it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read this series several times and it is still thrilling to read thank you!!!!
Kurosaki_Ichigo More than 1 year ago