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Cengage Learning
Grammar Connection 5: Structure through Content / Edition 1

Grammar Connection 5: Structure through Content / Edition 1

by Cathleen D. CakeCathleen D. Cake
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The Grammar Connection series offers a basal program in Academic, Adult, and International programs. The skills it develops are useful for students planning to enroll in college-level courses, adults planning to return to college, or high school students in preparation for college.

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ISBN-13: 9781424000340
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 03/20/2008
Series: Grammar Connection Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

LESSON 1: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: DEVELOPING A BUSINESS PLAN Present Time: Contrasting Present and Past. Present Time: Shifting to Future. LESSON 2: HISTORY: JAMESTOWN 1607-2007 Past Time: Simple Past and Past Perfect. Past Time: Shifting to Present LESSON 3: FOOD SCIENCES: BIOTECH CROPS Future Time. Review of Progressive Aspect LESSON 4: JOURNALISM: SOURCES OF THE NEWS Review of Verb Types. Verbs with Indirect Objects LESSON 5: HISTORY AND MUSICOLOGY: THE SILK ROAD Articles to Express a Generic Reference. The for Unique Reference: Definite Reference LESSON 6: LINGUISTICS: SPELLING, CODES, AND ALPHABETS Academic Phrasal Modal Verbs. Modal Verb Review: Trouble Shooting LESSON 7: SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY: EXPERIMENTS Modal Verbs: Past Logical Scale. Modal Verbs: Other Perfect Meanings LESSON 8: ECONOMICS: MICROFINANCE Quantifiers with Of. Subject-Verb Agreement LESSON 9: CRIMINAL SCIENCE: JUVENILE COURT Gerunds and Infinitives as Subjects. Gerunds and Infinitives as Subject Complements; Gerunds Following a Preposition LESSON 10: ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY: H2O Gerunds and Infinitives: Perfect Forms. Gerunds and Infinitives with Phrasal Modals: Review LESSON 11: HUMAN RESOURCES: THE MULTIGENERATIONAL WORKPLACE Review of Adverbials. Adverbs in Sentence-Initial Position LESSON 12: COUNSELING: RITES OF PASSAGE Sequential Connectors. Connectors of Equivalence LESSON 13: ENGINEERING: EMERGENCY PREPARATION AND MANAGEMENT Connectors of Causality. Concessive Connectors LESSON 14: EDUCATION: SERVICE LEARNING Ellipsis. Parallelism LESSON 15: PUBLIC POLICY AND ADMINISTRATION: NIMBY Fronting Negative Elements. Correlative Conjunctions LESSON 16: CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: THE GULLAH Review of the Passive Voice. Passive Options with Verbs Taking Two Objects LESSON 17: INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: MODERN WHEELCHAIRS Gerunds and Infinitives in the Passive Voice. Passive Voice in Other Complex Sentences LESSON 18: HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE Restrictive vs. Nonrestrictive Relative Clauses. Nonrestrictive Relative Clauses LESSON 19: MARKETING: PACKAGING STRATEGIES Relative Adverbial Clauses. Noun Clauses LESSON 20: HEALTH SCIENCES: TRANSCULTURAL NURSING Anaphoric References. Prepositions: Against, Among, Between, Through, Towards LESSON 21: PHYSICS: GOLF AND TENNIS BALLS Participles. Participles in Reduced Adverb Clauses LESSON 22: FILM STUDIES: DOCUMENTARIES Complements of Sensory Verbs. Other Verbs with Participial Complements LESSON 23: COMPUTER SCIENCE: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Reported Speech in Context. Exceptions to Backshifts in Verb Tenses LESSON 24: ART HISTORY: SYMBOLS AND ALLEGORIES Reported Speech: Paraphrases with Infinitives. Reported Speech and Thought: Passive Forms LESSON 25: PUBLIC HEALTH: VACCINES AND IMMUNIZATION Subjunctive Complements. Causative Verbs LESSON 26: BIOLOGY: STRESS AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEM It Clefts. It in Subject Position with Adjective Complements LESSON 27: CRIMINAL JUSTICE: IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENTS AND TECHNOLOGY Conditional Clauses: Past Counterfactuals. Conditional Clauses: Word Order LESSON 28: ASTROBIOLOGY AND MARINE SCIENCES: EXPLORATION Conditionals: Conjunctions. Conditionals: Verbs + that Clauses; Mixed times LESSON 29: SOCIOLOGY OF SPORT Noun Complements. Appositives LESSON 30: POLITICAL SCIENCE: POLITICAL PARTIES Logical Connectors: Contrast and Review. Complex Sentences: Review

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