God, Where Are Your Miracles

God, Where Are Your Miracles

by Bill Ikechukwu Ajaero


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Releasing the seed of God's power
This is a book on capacity building. It is based on the story of Gideon in the Bible. This book explores how we can attain set goals and objectives, explaining the inter-connectedness of faith and hard work as different from the movement of God in the power of miracles. It explains biblical scenarios using real-world examples from the business sector, academia, entertainment, and technology. It delivers a clear path to attaining an enduring empowerment, from winning attitudes and tools to managing eventual victory and success. If you are desirous to identify and develop the seed of God's power in you, read this book. It delivers the secret approaches for developing capacity for victory and success.
- A mighty man of valor does not work by miracles, he walks by faith.
Rather than continue to think weaknesses, inabilities, impossibilities, doom and gloom, let us resolve to change our thought processes to embrace the attitude that with God all things are possible.
So, we see, it could not be that God took any pleasure in the sufferings of Gideon and Israel at the time in the hands of the Midianites, rather that Gideon and Israel were blind to the enormous power, capable of bringing freedom to all Israel that resided in them, being the children of God.

People have found interpretation, meaning, and purpose for life being in good and productive relationships. Victory and success are usually concealed and separated from our reach by the work and effort that we must accomplish before we can take them. Mentoring will minimize casualty rate. Our failures will be at a minimum and we have the opportunity to be corrected and taught the right approach at minimum cost both for us for the future, and the business or other endeavors in life.
- Dr. Deanne Larson
Discovering the voice, our core strengths, and taking small practical incremental steps on a daily basis to walk in them, over the long term will guarantee victory and success.
Wisdom demands that we cannot have the power of God in us and still crumble at the challenges of life. Success is directly proportional to time and effort.
Appropriate capacity development must necessarily precede the practical efforts to advance our individual visions and course of action.
The essence of the blessing is for us to be a blessing. We are blessed so we can extend a hand of blessing to others. It is a mentality that we must embrace prior to the blessing.
People on a job owe it a duty daily to approach their jobs in an attitude of gratitude unto God from whom all blessings flow.
Dr. Robert Brownlow

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ISBN-13: 9781626973879
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 05/02/2013
Pages: 142
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