The Gnostics and their Remains

The Gnostics and their Remains

by Charles William King


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The Gnostics and their Remains, by English lapidarist, classicist, and writer Charles William King, was originally published in 1887. This work by King, is an attempt to collate a picture of gnosticism from the known sources of the time: early Christian writers, the Pistis Sophia, and the jumble of images and cryptic inscriptions on Roman-era gems and amulets. Despite the patchy sources, King managed to assemble a picture of the Gnostics which is still cited today as authoritative. Showing that rather than being one monolithic group, the Gnostics had diverse beliefs. Some thought Jesus was a man, others believed he was a god, and some believed that he became a god after he was baptized. Some believed in Good and Evil, others were non-dualistic. The vast majority had widely-varying complex system of mediators between the ultimate deity and humanity. Which, prima facie, looks polytheistic, but was in fact an attempt to solve the problem of how a perfect God could create an imperfect world. Many of these intermediary Aeons, later becoming the demons and angels of Medieval and Renaissance magic.

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