Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever

Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever

by Michael Swigunski


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What if you could travel forever while radically advancing your career?

College. Graduation. Work a 9 to 5 job, save up and retire on a pension. This isn’t the correct path for everyone. Nor should it be.

Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever is a paperback for your backpack, a step-by-step blueprint to travel the world, build a successful career others wish they had, and build a life that most people only dream of.

This comprehensive guide is filled with genuine stories and actionable advice including:

  • Specific shortcuts and tips you need to build a world-class career on the move
  • Skills for negotiating and obtaining further education, internships and high-paying work overseas
  • Building a life you love in any city in the world, and how to make lifelong friends quickly

Global Career will challenge you to venture into the exciting unknown. If you have ever fantasized about a more fulfilling international career, this book will empower you to buy a one-way ticket to your dream destination, and further your career in ways you never thought possible!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781732623002
Publisher: Michael Swigunski
Publication date: 11/21/2018
Pages: 214
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Mike has been working and traveling full-time since 2011 and his journey has taken him to over 70+ countries. In that time, he's worked in seven countries and is currently working an online and remote job that allows him to work anywhere in the world from the comfort of his laptop. In his book, Global Career, Mike pulls back the curtain and shares everything he's learned from years of trial and error about how to travel long-term and radically advance your career.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Introduction

Work to Live or Live to Work?

A Life of Both Working and Traveling Really Is Possible

The Shorter Path

The Low-Hanging Fruits

Why Me (Why I'm the Expert)

What Is a Global Career?

What You're Going to Learn

About Me: Who Is Michael Swigunski?

Chapter 2: Studying Abroad

My Experience Studying Abroad

Going for It

Facing Challenges

Another Study Abroad Option - Semester at Sea

Benefits, Both Professional and Personal

Coming Back Home

Chapter 3: Interning Abroad

My Experience as an Intern


International Internships Broaden

Your Future's Horizons


Finding and Preparing for an International Internship

Chapter 4, VOL. I: Working Abroad


Getting Started

Once You're There, the Initiation

Transitioning to Build Your Career

Final Thoughts

Chapter 4, VOL. II: Working Abroad

Options and Opportunities

Working Holiday Visa (WHV)

Visa Options for Travelers over Thirty

Examples of Non-Working Visas around the World

Remote Work or Freelancing Online

Large International Organizations (Accenture, P&G, EY, etc.) with Offices Worldwide

Working on a Cruise Ship

ESL + Transition to Another Career

Volunteer or WWOOFing


Chapter 5: The Expat Life


Becoming a Community Member

Facing Expat Challenges

Becoming an Expert Expat

Crossing Your T's and Dotting Your I's

Final Thoughts on the Expat Life

Chapter 6: Travel Tips

Banking, Credit Cards, Spending

Travel Insurance




Phone and Internet

Packing Tips


Chapter 7: Afterword: My Final Thoughts

From Novice to Expert

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Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
plappen 8 months ago
Have you ever felt the desire to live, or work, overseas? This book tells how to do it. Most universities have some sort of study abroad program. It is never too early to start figuring out things like finances and academic requirements. Don't choose a destination based just on the beaches, or the nightlife; choose one that will actually help your career. The classes and other activities will be pretty structured; you will not have much time to explore on your own. Learn how to network, network, network. You never know who, in your group, or at the foreign school, will know about a further educational opportunity, or an internship. Internships are much less structured than study abroad programs. You will get work experience, which will certainly help your resume, but you will also be much more on your own. Ask, far in advance, if there is any sort of stipend available. When you are traveling, be flexible in your itinerary; don't plan every single day. Leave room to travel this way, instead of that way, or to investigate an educational, or work, opportunity in another city. If you want to work overseas, and you work for a large company, see if you can transfer to one of their foreign offices. When you reach your destination, apply at local staffing agencies; they can point you in the right direction. Several countries, including Ireland, Singapore and Australia have a reciprocal arrangement with America that helps getting a work visa pretty easy. The book also covers money, credit cards and what to pack (a lot less than you might think). This book is "one-stop shopping" for anyone who wants to live, or work, in another country. It is very easy to read, and understand, and is very much recommended.
SamuelFish More than 1 year ago
If you want a lifestyle where you live and work abroad, with complete location independence, you are no longer alone. There are people all over the world right now who are just like you. If you need more inspiration or motivation, Mike Swigunski is one of the best authors in this niche since he makes it all sound so easy. This is a book written by somebody with direct experience and success in what he wishes to help the reader with. Accordingly, anybody who has dreamed of traveling around the world but is worried about things like money or personal security should definitely cast your fears aside and make the jump. If you really want to travel, the experiences and tips left here by Swigunksi will be nothing short of life-changing for you. The difference between this book and various other traveling books like is that Swigunksi actually knows what he is talking about. Even a seasoned traveler who has been around the world a couple times will be able to gain something from the pages of this book. With more travel experience than most people ever receive in a lifetime, the author’s life experiences traveling abroad really bleed through the pages as you read this book. Anybody who reads this book will at least leave with a heightened knowledge of how international travel works in the modern world, and what jobs and careers may be the best choice for you to pursue. As you read this book, it immediately becomes clear that the author is somebody with a TON of experience living, traveling, and working abroad. With this great experience comes great knowledge and tips that even a seasoned traveler will take to heart. For example, did you know that USA citizens can take a major tax cut simply by living and working abroad? This book explains exactly how this is possible. All steps of international travel, from temporary internships and semesters abroad all the way up to permanent expat living are completely broken down and discussed by Swigunski in this book. Specifically, how to make sure your bank account stays healthy, despite the fact that you wish to make traveling a permanent endeavor. Some of the pickiest and most minute details behind international travel are covered and explained in great detail. Information such as exchange rates, visa setbacks, bureaucratic nightmares, and various tips and tricks that a beginner traveler will hold onto for life. As someone who has a large chunk of his adult life abroad, I am constantly learning from my peers and seeking new ideas to better my lifestyle, increase my quality of life, and find a new place to go to. From this book, I was able to receive some great practical ideas on how I can optimize my lifestyle abroad while simultaneously ensuring that I have enough money in my account at the end of each month. Thanks to the many great ideas put into this book, I will be much more comfortable ensuring that I always have plenty of high-paying remote work while traveling.