Ghostly Photographs: Ghost stories you can see with your own eyes

Ghostly Photographs: Ghost stories you can see with your own eyes

by Julie Griffin


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"This phenomenal collection of photographs, coupled with the stories which illuminate each image, will enrich any reader's mind with deeply thought-provoking concepts. What Julie Griffin has captured on film is equally compelling and significant. It will prove to be an outstanding contribution to a supernatural conversation occurring worldwide."

Andrea Perron, Author
"House of Darkness House of Light"
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The spirit world is constantly around us; they don't wait until the middle of the night. I have photographed spirit energy as early as 11:30 in the morning, outdoors on a clear sunny day in May.

Learn out about the full body apparitions that were captured indoors by the camera not once, but twice as they moved.

My travels have taken me to the Lizzie Borden House, Gettysburg, Rolling Hills Asylum, Eastern State Penitentiary, an amazing haunted B&B in NY State, and many other places.

These are the stories behind the photographs and what happened on the investigations. I have experienced objects physically moved by an unknown source, a frightened spirit rush out of a basement and pass through the right side of my body, plus a disembodied male voice who's comment was directed at me.

And an unexpected message given by a Medium from a friend's late husband. I was told a list of many items to tell her about, including a broken gravy boat.

So enjoy these real ghost encounters from the comfort of your favorite chair. They are ghost stories you can see with your own eyes.

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ISBN-13: 9781477270653
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/25/2012
Pages: 84
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.30(d)

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Ghostly Photographs



Copyright © 2012 Julie Griffin
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-7065-3

Chapter One


While attending a paranormal conference in Gettysburg, PA, a golden opportunity came my way. I ran into Bigg Jim Jones, the founder and Chief Investigator of PRISMd, the Paranormal Research and Investigation Society of Maryland. I had met him last year at an investigation in Gettysburg. As we chatted and caught up on our lives since the last time we met, I noticed a sign at his table announcing, "Join us for an investigation of the Lizzie borden House. Inquire if interested." PRISMd had rented all the rooms at the Borden House for a two-night investigation. A few openings had become available due to cancellations and it was scheduled to take place the very next weekend! I immediately signed up to join them.

I had always wanted to visit the Lizzie Borden house. It was one of those gruesome places you heard about as a child. Of course, as most of you know: Lizzie Borden took an axe / And gave her mother forty whacks / And when she saw what she had done / She gave her father forty-one. I was surprised to find out that her mother received nineteen and her father eleven blows from the axe. I don't know why, but somehow the lower numbers seemed to take something away from the crime. Despite this minor disappointment, I was about to experience an investigation that would prove to be perhaps more than I'd bargained for, and on quite a personal level.

It was 4:00 p.m. on a Friday when I arrived at the legendary Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, Massachusetts. Most of the group was already there and waiting for a tour to finish. I walked around the house a couple of times, anxious to get inside. The interior was beautifully restored in the style of the Victorian era of 1890s' New England. Most of the furnishings had been custom made to be as accurate as possible to how the home would have looked in 1892.

I was staying in the Andrew Jennings room on the third floor. He was their family lawyer and the first defense attorney in the Borden murder trial. There are other bedrooms, a full bath, and a sitting area that adjoins all of the rooms on the third floor. Once everyone had settled into their assigned rooms, we gathered to walk downtown for dinner. In a short time we would be back at the house to begin our investigation.

We were divided into teams; mine was to begin in the basement. We soon realized that it would be difficult gathering uncontaminated EVP's, (electronic voice phenomenon) while another group was directly above, since we could hear every footstep. Our time in the basement was uneventful with the exception that one of our team members kept feeling something touching the back of his neck. He had become obviously frustrated, asking if there were cobwebs or threads near the back of his neck. Many times I watched him reach back to brush away whatever it was that might have been there.

Next, we joined the first floor team and spent some time studying the crime scene photos of Mr. Borden. We did our own reenactment of how Lizzie's father met his demise. With one of our group lying on the sofa, we approached the body from different angles, attempting to determine how the blood splatters shown in the photos could have matched up. The general consensus was that there would have been a lot more blood on the wall, the sofa, and the floor. Another gruesome detail I did not know was that the bodies of Mr. & Mrs. Borden had been kept in the house for some time. They were waked in the house and their bodies were later placed on ice blocks in the dining room, waiting for autopsies to be performed at another location. Their heads had been removed so that their severely damaged skulls could be cleaned and presented at the trial.

My team moved to the second and third floors to continue investigating, but nothing of interest occurred the rest of the night. I went to bed feeling a bit disappointed at how quiet the night had been. But I did leave the light on and my door open before I fell asleep. I'm sure I was not the only one to have taken this precaution.

The next morning, there was a field trip in store for us. Rie Sadler, Case Manager and Investigator for PRISMd, had arranged for us to visit the John Zaffis Museum of the Paranormal. His museum holds a fascinating collection of items that John has acquired over his thirty-five years in the paranormal field. Most of the items are openly displayed but many are sealed in Plexiglas cases. It was no surprise that a large number of these were dolls.

Our tour continued with a discussion that lasted almost four hours. John was a gracious host and had many stories to share. One revolved around something paranormal investigators refer to as a "shack hack"; a small, batteryoperated AM/FM radio that has been modified so it continuously scans without stopping on a station. The theory is that the deceased can speak through this device, and respond to questions while it continuously scans through the stations. I have seen this device used a few times, but at this particular visit the results were the best I had ever witnessed. Many times we heard a man say, "Ed," and the same voice also said, "Zaffis" a couple of times. A few other words were heard, but the names are significant because John Zaffis' late uncle was Ed Warren, a well-known paranormal investigator.

We returned to the Borden House in the early evening. As soon as we walked in, it felt different from this morning. The atmosphere had changed, and the best way I can explain it is that the house's energy felt more organized.

Tonight was going to be a more in-depth investigation. A command post was being set up on the second floor with a DVR. Cameras were placed on the first, second and third floors. It was my first time at an investigation with this kind of surveillance setup, so I was really looking forward to seeing it in action. My team started on the first floor. We had just under an hour to investigate, in whichever way we chose. Before changing floors, each team would also get three minutes for an EVP session while the other two teams would remain silent. While we investigated on the second floor our team leader was also in charge of the command center. This allowed us the freedom to go from room to room independently. For me, this is how I prefer to take photos and I tend to get better results this way, too.

I did an initial walkthrough of all the rooms, stopping back now and then at the command center to look at the monitor. It had a split-screen so I could see what was going on with all four cameras. Before long, I noticed some unusual movement on one of the cameras. There appeared to be an anomaly at the doorway that leads to the landing of the second floor. Something round and white was entering the room near the top of the door frame, pausing at the ceiling for a moment then going back the way it came, and out of sight. The team leader and I watched this happen several times on the monitor and this was occurring only 10 feet behind us! Another member of our team was on the landing taking photographs while this was happening. We both quickly told him to take more pictures of the top of the door frame. This sudden outburst from us startled him but he quickly understood what we wanted him to do. The excitement left us invigorated and ready to pursue the house for more activity.

While the team leader stayed at the command center the rest of us split off to explore the bedrooms on the second floor. On this floor there are five bedrooms, which include the room where Abby Borden was murdered. There is a crime scene photo of Mrs. Borden on the dresser next to the bed, a mere few feet from where it happened. If you wanted to, you can stand or even lie down in the exact spot where she lost her life. There have also been unexplained events in Mr. & Mrs. Borden's bedroom. Their closet door which is kept closed is often found open. This is the only room with a private bathroom and in it a man's voice has been reported saying, "Get out."

When I reached the bedroom of Mr. and Mrs. Borden I felt an increase in the energy within the room. Taking multiple photos, I slowly walked around the bed. The room was dark except for the flash of my camera. I was the only one in the room at this time. While shooting across the room I noticed something. In the split second that I saw the picture that had just been taken in the viewfinder, there was a noticeable white spot in the center. I didn't stop to look at it; I just kept taking photos. Since I might have caught something, I took about ten more pictures than I would have had this not caught my eye. I make it a practice of not looking back at my pictures until I can download them. However, this time I wanted to know what the picture number was so I could easily find it later. Yes, I did take a good look at the photo in question on that little screen, but I am careful to not get excited over what may only be dust.

Now it was our turn to go to the third floor. The room I was staying in was right next to the Bridget Sullivan room, where the most paranormal activity is reported. She was the Borden's maid, who had also been in the house the day of the murders, and the last one to see them both alive.

We continued our investigating with a short EVP session in each bedroom of the third floor. Our final session was held in the sitting area but there was no activity to report. By then it was 2:00 a.m., and everyone was called down to the first floor to check in.

During this break I went to get my laptop from the dining room to begin downloading my photos when I realized the card reader was in my room on the third floor. I walked through the kitchen to the back stairs, but as I started up the flight for the third floor I got a very creepy feeling. It made me hesitate for a moment; I felt very uncomfortable. I told myself to just get the card reader, ignore this awful feeling and go right back downstairs. I'd taken only two or three steps from the top of the stairs when I heard, right behind me, in a loud, clear, man's voice, We continued our investigating with a short EVP session in each bedroom of the third floor. Our final session "Who's up here?" There was only silence. For the first time at an investigation I turned and ran, flying down three flights of stairs. I had never heard a disembodied voice, and this was directed at me; it was personal.

By the time I was at the first floor landing there was already a crowd in the kitchen. I must have made a lot of noise on my way down. I quickly told everyone what had just happened. Bigg Jim, with video camera in hand, said, "We need to check this out."

He went right up those stairs to the third floor, followed by two other people, with me going up last. They did verify that there was no one up there. I was still in a bit of shock over what had happened, and sat on my bed while I told Bigg Jim the story as he recorded it on video. The other two people had walked into the room and one of them started describing a personal experience they had had earlier that night. I was just sitting there, taking all of this in.

Nothing makes you a believer like a personal experience. I don't really know how much time had passed when Bigg Jim suddenly said, "Whoa, what's that moving back there?" He had seen something on the camera screen and was now panning all over the back of my room, trying to follow something. At that moment I decided I would not be sleeping in here tonight. Suddenly, I remembered the card reader, grabbed it, and went back to the first floor where my laptop and camera were waiting for me.

As soon as my photos were downloaded I went right to #197. There was a translucent white anomaly on the bed! Zooming in on it, I could see an oblong shape with a hint of pink at the outside edges.

Later that night, I took some measurements of the towels folded on the bed and the size of the pattern on the bedspread. I wanted to see if I could estimate the size of this anomaly. I don't know where between the camera lens and the bed it was located, but if it was on the bed it could have been as large as 8" across. I was up late talking with the woman staying in this room and after she had seen my photo, she didn't plan on sleeping that night either.

These were not the only experiences we had there that night. After things quieted down from my encounter on the third floor, a few of us had been asking questions in this bedroom using dowsing rods to get "yes" and "no" answers. One of the team members had never tried dowsing rods and wanted to see what it was like. After about ten minutes of asking questions, he was getting very agitated. We asked, "Are you okay?" But he didn't say anything. We could see how tense and rigid his body had become. Again we asked, "Are you okay?" and he said, "I have to get out of here." He dropped the dowsing rods, ran down the stairs, and out of the house. Bigg Jim and another man ran after him; I followed behind them. He was out of the house so fast we did not know which direction he had gone. He wasn't just outside, he was nowhere in sight. There was a large, white church lit up by floodlights a block away, and Bigg Jim headed in that direction. It was a good guess because we found him sitting on the steps trying to catch his breath. The energy and sensations that had built up around him in the house had made it very difficult for him to breath. We later found out that he had also become very nauseous, which added to the urgency to get outside.

When we were all back at the house, there was one last EVP session planned for the first floor with everyone. It lasted for only about fifteen minutes and you could tell most of us were getting drained from all the excitement that night. At this point, most of the people went to get a couple of hours sleep. But a small group stayed up all night, myself included.

Chapter Two


It was the second day of my first trip to Gettysburg. The morning was clear and sunny; not the rainy weather that had been predicted. I had been exploring the battlefields yesterday, so I had decided to travel a bit farther out into the country. I had heard that The Cashtown Inn is a well-known haunted location and I wanted to check it out.

This was the farthest away of locations on my list, so I'd planned on lunch at the Inn. I typed Cashtown into my GPS, but it did not recognize the name. I tried a couple more times, but all attempts failed. So I pulled out a paper map, but stopped before I had located Cashtown and suddenly felt that I didn't need to go there today. I've learned to listen to my instincts. The next place on my list was a farmhouse just outside of Gettysburg. The GPS recognized that address so off I went.

Even within a half mile of the destination my skin was tingling. This road had been heavily traveled by soldiers on those fateful days of the Civil War.

I pulled into the driveway and there was a beautiful old farmhouse and a large barn. I had hoped for a tour, but no one was there. This house, like so many homes in Gettysburg, had been abandoned when the sounds of battle neared and people fled for their lives. The Confederate army had assumed control of the property and outbuildings. The farmhouse would have been used as officers' quarters, while enlisted men stayed in the barn or made camp on the property. The barn had soon become a field hospital, as did many of the larger buildings in Gettysburg.

I decided to look around the property and take some photographs. I walked around the large, twostory barn and watched the barn swallows flying in and out of the open lower level doors. Walking back toward the house I was first attracted to a bush of white peonies in bloom planted against the side of the farmhouse. I continued around the house, first to the front, and then to the side where there were wonderful porches on the first and second stories. This area really appealed to me. The energy I felt earlier had waned over the past hour and I could feel it increasing in a very positive way.

I was talking to whatever might be around, as I usually do. I felt very chatty over here, talking aloud about how great the house looked, how much I liked the porches, how nicely kept the yard was, and so forth. My love for porches on an old house is why I took so many photos on that particular side. Sometimes I stood in the same spot and took a wide shot; then I'd zoom in on an area and take several more pictures. I was taking photos in sets of three of the same shot. I always do this when I am taking photographs that might reveal an anomaly.


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Table of Contents


1. The Lizzie Borden House....................2
2. A Gettysburg Farmhouse....................7
3. The TB Hospital and Prison Farm....................19
4. Rolling Hills Asylum....................23
5. The Abandoned Train Tunnel....................27
6. The Shanley Hotel....................32
7. The Antique Store....................37
8. The Tenney Gate House....................42
9. Return to Tenney Gate House....................55
10. The Old Wooden Jail....................61
11. Eastern State Penitentiary....................65
12. The Jennie Wade House and the Medium....................69

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