Ghost Fleet Awakened: Lake George's Sunken Bateaux of 1758

Ghost Fleet Awakened: Lake George's Sunken Bateaux of 1758

by Joseph W. Zarzynski


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Chronicles the history and archaeological study of Lake George, New York’s sunken bateaux of 1758.

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ISBN-13: 9781438476728
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Publication date: 01/01/2019
Series: Excelsior Editions
Pages: 284
Sales rank: 664,170
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Joseph W. Zarzynski is a maritime archaeologist, registered professional archaeologist, and award-winning documentarian. He is the coauthor (with Peter J. Pepe) of Documentary Filmmaking for Archaeologists and (with Bob Benway) Lake George Shipwrecks and Sunken History, and the author of Champ: Beyond the Legend and Monster Wrecks of Loch Ness and Lake Champlain. He lives in upstate New York.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

1. Early History of Bateaux

2. The Bateau Watercraft

3. Building Techniques

4. Discovery of Lake George’s Sunken Bateaux of 1758

5. The 1950s and Early 1960s: “Rediscovery”

6. Toward Better Management

7. Underwater Archaeology

8. A Renaissance of Interest

9. The “Mortar Bateau”

10. What Lies Beneath: An Inventory

11. Missing Bateau Shipwrecks

12. Lake George’s Baby Whale Submarine

13. Wiawaka Bateaux and the National Register of Historic Places

14. Submerged Heritage Preserves

15. Stabilizing a Bateau Shipwreck Site

16. Students Build Underwater Archaeology Equipment and Replica Bateaux

17. “Raising the Fleet”: An Art/Science Initiative

18. Documentary Filmmaking, Bateaux, and Archaeologists

19. Public Education Programs


Appendix I. “Operation Bateaux” Revisited Twenty-Four Years Later—Part 1
Appendix II. “Operation Bateaux” Revisited Twenty-Four Years Later—Part 2
Appendix III. Insights Gained from a Replica Lake George Bateau
Appendix IV. A List of Some of the Dive Teams, Underwater Archaeology Teams, and Scuba Divers Who Dived Lake George’s Sunken Bateaux of 1758 During Rediscovery and Study

About the Author

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