Get Your Health Back: How to Feel Better, Reverse Chronic Conditions, and Reclaim Your Mojo

Get Your Health Back: How to Feel Better, Reverse Chronic Conditions, and Reclaim Your Mojo

by Laura F. Robin DO MPH


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Dr. Laura Robin wrote this book for you to "Get Your Health Back"!

In this book, you will:

• Gain Insight to Make Lasting Changes to Your Health
• Learn How to Adapt to the Stressors in Your Everyday Life
• Get Tools to Turn Your Health Around and Get Back Into Balance
• Find Ways to Dig Deep Into the Root Cause of Your Chronic Conditions
• Discover How Hormonal Imbalances and Inflammation Impact Your Health

"To optimize how your body functions and the way you feel from when you wake up to when you go to bed... 'Get Your Health Back' is a must."
- Dr. Charles Webb, Leading Expert in Optimizing Health

"This book is a great introduction into how we seem to get brainwashed into the medical system of dis-ease, and how we need to change OURSELVES to find wellness. Dr. Laura is the most passionate physician I have ever known about educating people and truly doing the next levels of exploration to uncover feeling better and thriving."
- Mona M. Tara, MD, Internal Medicine

"'Get Your Health Back' is an accessible, easy read that engages the reader, encouraging us to answer many key questions about ourselves. Why are we not as healthy as we want to be and what can we do about it? It is our choice. Dr. Laura Robin helps identify a path to help us get back on track to finding better health. Read this book, answer the self-revealing questions about yourself and get activated to enjoy your journey to a better life with improved health. Be ready to work and play again."
- P. Michael Stone, MD, MS, IFMCP

Dr. Laura Robin, DO, MPH is a co-founder of Rosa Transformational Health in Medford, Oregon. For nine years she had a private practice in Integrative Medicine. Dr. Laura maintains board certification in Family Practice, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and Integrative Holistic Medicine. She lives in Ashland, Oregon, with her son, Ari.

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