Get Goodness: Virtue Is The Power To Do Good

Get Goodness: Virtue Is The Power To Do Good

by Mike Hickey


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From the preface: This book looks at virtue as "the power to do good" from the theological, philosophical, and poetic perspective. From a theological perspective: Long ago, Anselm defined theology as "faith seeking understanding," (f. 1) a definition which has endured to the present day. It would be difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to try to understand virtue or goodness without looking through some lens of faith....Get Goodness was written, in part, because my own faith was seeking understanding. Second, this book will look at virtue and goodness from a philosophical perspective because the word "philosophy" (from the Greek philos + sophia) means "love of wisdom." (f.2)...As we will find in this book, the virtue of love has been understood by most theologians and philosophers before me to be the essence of each and every virtue. Therefore, we must first love wisdom before we are able to practically discern, distinguish, deliberate and decide prudently in any effort to understand how virtue is the power to do good.... Third, this book will be suffused with poetry....because poetry is a language that goes beyond logic, thought, and reason.... It is a language of the spirit and a language of human life, love, observation, and experience....Any poem is an attempt to try to understand the experience of the world and the universe around us in spiritual terms. None of us should be seeking virtuous perfection in orienting ourselves to the good in this life; we should only be seeking change. The journey is the goal.

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ISBN-13: 9780761854579
Publisher: UPA
Publication date: 07/21/2011
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Michael Hickey is a writer and poet who lives in Naples, Florida in the fall and winter and in Swampscott, Massachusetts in the spring and summer. He is a graduate of Northeastern University and a Master Of Divinity Studies graduate of Weston Jesuit, a Boston College theological school. Following careers as a corporate executive and executive director of two charitable non-profits focused on third world and U.S. poverty, he eventually began his own marketing business. He retired as a successful entrepreneur to become a full time writer and poet. His first book, Get Wisdom, published in 2006. He writes a weekly column called "Words Of Wisdom" for The Naples Daily News and teaches courses on religion, philosophy, and poetry at Hodges University, CLL and Florida Gulf Coast University, RA. His wife, Theresa, is a published poet, and in their forty-four years together they have raised four happy and "well-adjusted" children into adulthood.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

1 Virtue 1

2 Essence-Virtue "Is" 7

3 Power-Virtue Is the "Power" 11

4 Freedom-Virtue Is the Power "To Do" 14

5 Goodness-Virtue Is the Power To Do "Good" 18

Happiness-Life Is Good! 20

Adversity-Is Adversity Good? 21

Fortune-Good Luck? Bad Luck? 23

Providence-It's All Good! 25

6 A 29

Acceptance 29

7 C 33

Compassion 33

Confidence 35

Consciousness 37

Courage 40

Courtesy 42

Creativity 43

Curiosity 45

8 D 51

Discipline 51

Discretion 53

9 E 56

Empathy 56

Enthusiasm 58

10 F 61

Faith 61

Flexibility 64

Forgiveness 65

Friendliness 67

11 G 72

Generosity 72

Gentleness 73

Gratitude 75

12 H 79

Holiness 79

Honesty 81

Honor 83

Hope 85

Hospitality 88

Humility 89

Humor 92

13 I 99

Idealism 99

Imagination 101

Integrity 103

14 J 107

Justice 107

15 K 110

Kindness 110

16 L 113

Love 113

Loyalty 115

17 M 119

Mercy 119

18 O 123

Obedience 123

Openness 125

19 P 128

Patience 128

Peacefulness 130

Perseverance 132

Pride 133

Prudence 136

20 R 141

Reliability 141

21 S 144

Silence 144

Simplicity 146

22 T 150

Temperance 150

Tolerance 151

Truthfulness 153

Index 159

About the Author 167

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