Georges Bizet: A Biography

Georges Bizet: A Biography


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Georges Bizet spent almost his entire life in Paris, his hometown. He never visited Spain. And yet his Carmen is considered by many the epitome of Spanish opera. Bizet did not live to see Carmen's enormous worldwide success. He died at the age of thirty-six, just three months after his masterpiece took the stage for the first time. Today his other remarkable works have been entirely eclipsed by Carmen, masking the trajectory that led to the creation of one of the world's most beloved operas.

In almost all available English-language biographies, serious errors abound, often informed by romantic misconceptions surrounding the life of this remarkable musician. First published in 1991, Christoph Schwandt's Georges Bizet: A Biography is now widely recognized as the definitive work on this misunderstood composer's life. Drawing on significant recent research gathered for the revised and augmented 2011 German edition-now translated into English by Cynthia Klohr-Schwandt rewrites and restores the historical record concerning Bizet's achievements and contributions to the world of music.

This work is ideal for students and scholars of opera history and aficionados of what many consider one of the world's greatest operas ever written.

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About the Author

Christoph Schwandt has held managing positions at several theaters and at the Salzburg Festspiele. From 2002 to 2009 he served as drama director of the Cologne Opera. He has also written biographies of Guiseppe Verdi and Leos Janácek.

Translator Cynthia Klohr teaches philosophy at universities in Karlsruhe, Germany. She has translated several books and essays in philosophy, psychology, the theory and history of science, and music. She is translator for Scarecrow Press of Hans Von Bulow's Letters to Johannes Brahms: A Research Edition (2011) and Hermann Levi: From Brahms to Wagner (2012).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Eclipsed by His Own Masterpiece 1

Chapter 2 The Boy at the Conservatory, 1848-1855 5

Chapter 3 Skill, Knowledge, and Ideas, 1855-1856 19

Chapter 4 Off to Rome for Clovis and Clotilde, 1856-1859 27

Chapter 5 Instead of a Mass, an Opera Buffa, 1859 37

Chapter 6 Vasco da Gama and Roma, 1859-1860 45

Chapter 7 Back in the Capital, 1861-1862 51

Chapter 8 Ivan the Terrible and Leila, 1863-1865 59

Chapter 9 Arrangements and Rhine Romanticism, 1865-1866 69

Chapter 10 A Gypsy in Scotland, 1866-1868 77

Chapter 11 No New Opera, but Marriage and War, 1868-1871 89

Chapter 12 Masterpieces-Jeux d'enfants and Djamileh, 1871-1872 99

Chapter 13 Successful Music for a Failed Play, 1872-1873 107

Chapter 14 Carmen, an Opéra Comique 117

Selected Bibliography 135

Title Index 137

Name Index 139

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