George Washington Son of the Republic: His Life And Writings

George Washington Son of the Republic: His Life And Writings


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Brief History Of The Life Of George Washington, Founder Of The Republic And Father Of Our Country. General George Washington's Leadership Role In The Major Battles Of The Revolutionary War. Collection of Quotes, Speeches, Prayers, Letters From George Washington, Including His Farewell Address, Last Will and Testament And The Fable Of The Cherry Tree.This is the indispensable volume containing the life and writings of George Washington. This handy reference guide provides a wellspring of information to help you discover, in greater depth, the unparalleled character of the man known as the father of our country.Source Of Reference Material Contained Within This Book* Father And Founder Of The Republic(Hamilton Wright Mabie, 1895)* General Washington to the President of the Continental Congress(* Prayer at Valley Forge(Nathaniel Randolph Snowden)* Washington Address to the Troops(* Farewell Address to the Army(* First Inaugural Address(* Excerpts from Drafts of the First Inaugural Address(* Circular to State Governments(* First Annual Message to Congress(* Second Annual Message to Congress(* Third Annual Message to Congress(* Fourth Annual Message to Congress(* Second Inaugural Address(* Fifth Annual Message to Congress(* Sixth Annual Message to Congress(* Seventh Annual Message to Congress(* Eighth Annual Message to Congress(* Washington's Farewell Address(* Last Will and Testament(* The Thanksgiving Proclamation(* The Fable of the Cherry Tree(Mason Locke Weems, 1809)* Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation(* A Prayer Journal Of George Washington(* A Vision of George Washington(* George Washington Quotes(* The Declaration of Independence(* The Treaty of Paris(* The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union(* Letter to the President of the Continental Congress(* The Constitution of the United States of America(* Bill of Rights(

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