Geometry Workbook

Geometry Workbook

by Mel Friedman

Paperback(Trade Edition)

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Geometry Math Workbook

Master the subject with review, practice, and drills!

REA’s Math Workbook for Geometry is perfect for high school exams, including end-of-course exams and graduation/exit exams.

This math workbook will help high school math students at all learning levels understand geometry. Students will develop the skills, confidence, and knowledge they need to succeed on high school math exams with emphasis on passing high school graduation exams.

REA’s Geometry Math Workbook includes:

  • Over 20 review lessons with many step-by-step examples
  • Each lesson builds on the students’ past progress
  • Drills reinforce essential skills
  • Skill scorecard measures progress and success
  • "Math Flash" feature provides tips and strategies
  • Quizzes measure subject mastery
  • Answer key with detailed explanations

The Geometry Math Workbook will help students master geometry—and help them face their next math test—with confidence!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780738604534
Publisher: Research & Education Association
Publication date: 11/25/2008
Series: Mathematics Learning and Practice Series
Edition description: Trade Edition
Pages: 324
Sales rank: 112,034
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 10.80(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range: 16 - 18 Years

About the Author

About the Author
Author Mel Friedman is a former classroom teacher and test-item writer for Educational Testing Service and ACT, Inc.

Read an Excerpt

About This Book         
This book will help high school math students at all learning levels understand basic geometry. Students will develop the skills, confidence, and knowledge they need to succeed on high school math exams with emphasis on passing high school graduation exams.           
More than 20 easy-to-follow lessons break down the material into the basics. In-depth, step-by-step examples and solutions reinforce student learning, while the “Math Flash” feature provides useful tips and strategies, including advice on common mistakes to avoid.            
Students can take drills and quizzes to test themselves on the subject matter, then review any areas in which they need improvement or additional reinforcement. The book concludes with a final exam, designed to comprehensively test what students have learned.           
The Ready, Set, Go! Geometry Workbook will help students master the basics of mathematics—and help them face their next math test—with confidence!

Table of Contents

About This Book              
Icons Explained               
Letters to Students, Parents, and Teachers              
About REA               
Lesson 1: Basic Properties of Points, Rays, Lines, and Angles               
Naming, Points, Rays, Lines, and Angles by Using Letters              
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 2: Measuring Line Segments and Angles              
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 3: Categories of Angles and Lines—Part 1               
Acute, Right, Obtuse Angles               
Perpendicular, Intersecting, Parallel Lines and Segments              
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 4: Categories of Angles and Lines—Part 2               
Angles Formed by Parallel Lines and a Transversal              
Angle Bisectors and Perpendicular Bisectors              
Test Yourself!       
QUIZ ONE (Lessons 1–4)         
Lesson 5: Perimeter of Polygons               
Perimeter of Triangles and Quadrilaterals              
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 6: Triangles—Part 1               
Acute, Right, and Obtuse Triangles               
Congruent, Scalene, and Isosceles Triangles               
Equilateral Triangles              
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 7: Triangles—Part 2               
Exterior, Adjacent Interior, and Remote Interior Angles               
Altitudes, Heights, Medians, Angle Bisectors, Medians, and Mid-Segments              
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 8: Triangles—Part 3              
Area of a Triangle              
Angle Bisector Theorem and Median Theorem              
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 9: Triangles—Part 4              
Legs and Hypotenuse of a Right Triangle               
Pythagorean Theorem              
Test Yourself!       
QUIZ TWO (Lessons 5–9)         
Lesson 10: Quadrilaterals—Part 1               
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 11: Quadrilaterals—Part 2               
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 12: Congruence of Triangles              
Side-Side-Side Requirement              
Side-Angle-Side, Angle-Side-Angle              
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 13: Congruence of Quadrilaterals               
Requirements for Congruencies Between Two Quadrilaterals              
Test Yourself!       
QUIZ THREE (Lessons 10–13)         
Lesson 14: Similarity of Triangles               
Angle-Angle, Side-Side-Side, Angle-Angle, Side-Angle-Side              
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 15: Similarity of Quadrilaterals              
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 16: Perimeters of Similar Figures              
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 17: Areas of Similar Triangles               
Heron’s Formula              
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 18: Areas of Similar Quadrilaterals              
Test Yourself!       
QUIZ FOUR (Lessons 14–18)        
Lesson 19: Circles–Basic Terms              
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 20: Circles–Formulas               
Area of Circle and Sector              
Area of Segment (need definition of a segment)              
Area of an Annulus              
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 21: Circles—Angle Theorems              
Test Yourself!       
Lesson 22: Circles—Segment Theorems              
Test Yourself!       
QUIZ FIVE (Lessons 19–22) 
Cumulative Exam
Answer Key

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