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Geometry Examples Positions and Angles

Geometry Examples Positions and Angles

by Seong R Kim


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This book is for young students Gifted or Advanced in math.

Students need the best teacher, so you need examples, because examples are the best

teacher. All the examples in this book are fully worked, and help you do math better.

And this book is for your skill of geometry, and you will grow the skill through

examples. Some examples may look too easy or too hard. It all depends on your skill of

algebra. Whatever your skill may be though, you can grow yours if you follow the steps

in each example. Each is detailed so that you can learn those tools fast, and increase

your caliber quickly as well as properly.

And this book covers geometry, and is particularly about angles, so it explains what an

angle is about, how it gets made and what we can do with it or how to use it.
What then,

is it for?

An angle is an idea in math, so it's a math idea, and is a tool in math. So it's a math tool.

And we use it, solving problems, of course. So students need to get the idea.

Thus, this book helps you get the idea of an angle, that is, the concept of a math

object called an angle, and you will get to see how to work with it properly,
because the

book explains how it gets made, and how it works, along with its nature so that you can

develop your own idea, to solve problems, of course.

And some sample pages are at:

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Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/09/2012
Pages: 166
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About the Author

Knowing a little about math, but doing much about it, and trying to do more
More importantly, doing a lot about math education, and trying to do much more

So I enjoy helping students with math, and always find myself having lots of fun developing content in math education, and coming up with those contents that do help students get the concepts of math objects, and improve their skills, particularly in algebra and geometry, so that they can get solutions properly and fast enough. And more importantly, I enjoy watching students growing their interest and confidence in math as they make achievement learning and doing math.

Math educational career of over 20 years.
Working for students with various academic strengths and in various learning levels
Implementing forward thinking processes
Dedicated to student's math education and interaction with the parents or guardians.
Ample experience in writing math books, providing instructions and training solutions which not only enhance the math skills and senses but promote and grow confidence in math

Specialized in Developmental or Remedial and Special Math Education:

· Developing and producing examples so that the students can take STEPS to get the ideas.
· Showing students the examples so that they can come up with THEIRS and can approach the concept of the math object or math ideas as numbers, ratios, rates, powers or exponents, equations, formulas or identities, graphs, angles, lines, polygons, etc.
· Encouraging or inducing the students to produce examples so that they can speed up or find other ways getting the solutions to the problems with the math objects they are learning, and they can grow CONFIDENCE and INTEREST.
· Helping them thus, get to see THEMSELVES what they are learning, what it is about, how it gets made, how it works, and what they can do about it or with it.

In short, students can get the meanings of math items they learn, and grow their math so that they can work with or use them PROPERLY and can get solutions FAST ENOUGH.

M.S. Math. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
B.S. Math. Michigan Tech. Univ.

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