by Charles Henry Mackintosh


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Charles Henry Mackintosh (1820-1896) was a nineteenth-century Christian preacher, dispensationalist, writer of Bible commentaries, magazine editor and member of the Plymouth Brethren. Mackintosh's literary fame rests primarily upon his work: "Notes on the Pentateuch", beginning with a volume of 334 pages on Genesis, and concluding with a two-volume work on Deuteronomy extending to over 800 pages. His books have been translated into a dozen or more languages. Brethren historian Roy Coad notes:"Another popular writer among the exclusives was an Irish schoolmaster, Charles Henry Mackintosh, who preached extensively in the revival movement. The initials 'C.H.M.' became familiar in many pious evangelical households of the later Victorian and Edwardian years. No critical scholar, Mackintosh nevertheless had a marked gift for simple Biblical exposition, and his works on the Pentateuch had an enormous vogue as simple aids to devotional interpretation for the first five books of the Bible".The works Mackintosh are characterized by a deep-toned evangelical spirit and the enjoyment of the God's Word.

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