General, Comparative and Clinical Endocrinology of the Adrenal Cortex

General, Comparative and Clinical Endocrinology of the Adrenal Cortex

by I. Chester Jones, I. W. Henderson

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General, Comparative and Clinical Endocrinology of the Adrenal Cortex, Volume 2 focuses on the many facets of adrenocortical form and function. This book discusses the mammalian adrenal cortex in structural, pathological, clinical, biochemical and histophysiological standpoints, including the functional and structural characteristics of the adrenocortical homologue of two poikilothermic groups- Reptilia and Amphibia. The general perspective that the adrenocortical homologue secretes materials that have an ubiquity of metabolism and mode of action in the Vertebrata is also elaborated.

General, Comparative and Clinical Endocrinology of the Adrenal Cortex, Volume 2 covers the steroidogenesis in the zones of the mammalian adrenal cortex; adrenal gland in Reptilia; adrenal cortex of Amphibia; and aldosterone secretion and its clinical disorders. This volume is a good source for zoologists, biologists, and specialists interested in the endocrinology of the adrenal cortex.

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1. The Structure of the Mammalian Adrenal Cortex

1. Introduction

2. Methodology

3. General Structure of the Normal Adult, Eutheria

4. Metatheria

5. General Features of Cell Organelles

6. Cytochemistry and Autoradiography at the Ultrastructural Level

7. The Embryonic Mammalian Adrenal Cortex: Morphology and Cytochemistry

8. The Fetal or Transient Cortex and the X Zone

9. Cytophysiology of the Mammalian Adrenal Cortex

10. Stimulation in Experimental Hypoadrenocorticism

11. Problems Associated with the Structure of the Mammalian Adrenal Cortex

12. Conclusion



Chapter 2. Steroidogenesis in the Zones of the Mammalian Adrenal Cortex

1. Introduction

2. Glucocorticoids

3. Mineralocorticoids: Acute Factors Affecting Secretion

4. Mineralocorticoids: Chronic Factors Affecting Secretion

5. The Renin-Angiotensin System

6. Functional Aspects of Adrenocortical Zonation

7. Inner Zone Function

8. Metatheria

9. Adrenocortical Sex Steroids and Gonadotrophins


Chapter 3. Catabolism of the Adrenocortical Hormones

1. Introduction

2. Catabolic Transformations

3. Catabolism of Specific Hormones


Chapter 4. The Adrenal Gland in Reptilia

Part 1. Structure

1. Introduction

2. General Morphology

3. Histology

4. Ultrastructure

5. Seasonal Changes

6. The Pituitary—Adrenal Axis

7. The Hypothalamo-Hypophysial Axis


Part 2. Physiology

1. Adrenocortical Control Mechanisms

2. Corticomedullary Relationships

3. Water and Electrolyte Balance

4. Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate Metabolism


Chapter 5. The Adrenal Cortex of Amphibia

1. Structure of the Adrenal Islets

2. Functions of Adrenocortical Secretions



Chapter 6. The Actions of Aldosterone

1. Introduction

2. Effects and Actions of Aldosterone

3. Mechanism of Action of Aldosterone

4. Conclusion


Chapter 7. Aldosterone Secretion and its Clinical Disorders

Part 1. Control of Aldosterone Secretion

1. Controlling Factors

2. Physiological Variations in Aldosterone Secretion

Part 2. Disorders of Aldosterone Secretion

1. Primary Aldosteronism

2. Syndromes Resembling Primary Aldosteronism

3. Hypertension and Aldosteronism

4. Secondary Aldosteronism

5. Hypoaldosteronism


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