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Gender Disparity in UK Jazz - A Discussion

Gender Disparity in UK Jazz - A Discussion

by Sammy Stein
Gender Disparity in UK Jazz - A Discussion

Gender Disparity in UK Jazz - A Discussion

by Sammy Stein


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Best-selling author, Sammy stein asks the questions we are afraid to ask. Is the Uk jazz scene misogynistic? Unafraid to ask the questions we all need answering, well-known author Sammy Stein investigates gender disparity in jazz today. With input from musicians across the world, Sammy gives them a voice, asks difficult questions, and investigates numerous studies into gender issues in jazz music. Sammy is a Jazz Times Distaff award winner and Gearhead listed author as well as Phace magazine book of The Year winner and Jazz Journalist Association International Editor.
This book has been placed on the curriculums of colleges and cited as a resource in the Parliamentary Committees' study into gender issues in UK jazz.
Musicians reveal stories of discrimination and also the progress the jazz industry is making. From the agent who introduces himself by placing his business card in a female musician's cleavage, to the #metoo and huge initiatives which are in place to put right the gender disparity which has existed ever since jazz became popular. Sammy peels back the layers of the UK scene to reveal the stark truth and her extensive research, together with research offered by prominent educators in the field, reveals a scene still flawed but changing.
Sammy, well known for her books and interviews, brings her knowledge of the world scene and an understanding of the UK scene, which she is very much a part of. Observations from festivals, venue managers, and musicians reveal the stark reality, in spite of initiatives put in place to tackle gender disparity. Sammy proves qualitatively and quantitatively that, whilst some academics like to believe things have changed, the reality is different.
This book is a narrative of the UK jazz scene, told not so much from the author's perspective but from that of the people active in the scene and those teaching future generations of musicians.
Overall, the book reveals, using engaging narrative and proven data, the historical development of women in UK jazz, the current situation in the UK jazz scene, the reality from musicians' viewpoints as well as the desire for change and how this is happening. It is a book that brings powerful people on the jazz scene together, with Sammy the conduit. It is informative and the situation is revealed in an easy manner.
The book looks at education, instrument choice, parental influences, factors that relate specifically to women, and much more. The sources for facts are many, the amount of information is vast, yet here it is distilled into a readable book, which leaves the reader more familiar with women in the UK scene, more aware of changes which are happening, and an increased understanding of the reasons behind many initiatives. Captivating, informative, and a mine of information this book is the result of a lot of research, discussions, and interviews and the result is a true revelation.

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