Garden Girls Cozy Mysteries Series: Anthology III (Books 7-9)

Garden Girls Cozy Mysteries Series: Anthology III (Books 7-9)

by Hope Callaghan


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Garden Girls Cozy Mysteries Anthology III (Books 7-9)

Contains Books 7-9 In The Series In One Thick Book



BOOK 7: Missing Milt
BOOK 8: Bully in the 'Burbs
BOOK 9: Fall Girl

BOOK 7: Missing Milt

Amateur sleuth, Gloria Rutherford, and the Garden Girls are back! When Dreamwood Retirement Community resident, Milton Tilton, comes up missing, and no one seems to have a clue as to his whereabouts, Gloria agrees to help with the investigation as a favor to her sister.

With her already full schedule and her grandkids' upcoming tree fort construction/sleepover, plus trying to plan a fall party at her farm; she calls on the Garden Girls to help her solve the mystery of the missing man.

As the clues are uncovered, they point directly at a lovesick stalker, who also happens to be Gloria's friend, as the prime suspect. On top of that, there's also the possibility that perhaps the missing man doesn't want to be found.

Gloria's intuition tells her that maybe he has met with foul play, especially once they discover possible ties to the mafia.

Will they find Milt alive - or is it already too late?

BOOK 8: Bully in the 'Burbs

"Garden Girl" Gloria Rutherford is on cloud nine since her recent engagement to Officer Paul Kennedy,and wedding plans are at the top of Gloria's to-do list...or they were until Gloria ends up on the receiving end of a financial windfall.

With a generous heart, Gloria shares her newfound wealth with her children but the gift presents its own set of problems. Soon, Gloria is desperately trying to make sure her daughter and family actually move into the home of their dreams once it becomes clear that someone is trying to scare them away; but who and why?

Never one to run from a bully, especially when they're messing with one of her kids, Gloria jumps in with both fists swinging.

As the clues and the suspect list grows, Gloria enlists the help of the other Garden Girls, but the closer they get to solving the mystery, the more obstacles that are thrown into their path.

If all of that isn't enough to make Gloria's head spin, one of the Garden Girls has just been diagnosed with a deadly disease!

BOOK 9: Fall Girl

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the townsfolk of Belhaven are busy preparing for the upcoming feast with friends and family.

When a body is discovered in the vacant farmhouse across the street from Gloria Rutherford's place, Gloria is horrified to think that someone...a killer, is on the loose.

Things go from bad to worse when she discovers that the body found in the house is none other than her best friend, Lucy Carlson's ex-boyfriend.

The police uncover evidence that points to Lucy as the murderer and possibly Gloria as an accomplice. Police are hot on Lucy's trail and the lead investigator is gunning for her arrest.

Can Gloria track down the real killer before it's too late? Or will Lucy take the fall and spend Thanksgiving in the slammer?

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