Garage Beat '66, Vol. 4: I'm in Need!

Garage Beat '66, Vol. 4: I'm in Need!


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Sundazed picks up its Garage Beat '66 series where it left off, with the fourth volume, subtitled I'm in Need!, following the same pattern as the first three, serving up 20 garage rock sides from the latter half of the '60s (1966 is ground zero for this comp, but it features tracks recorded between 1965 and 1970). While this series does have something to offer serious collectors -- primarily excellent sound quality and a handful of previously unreleased tracks -- it isn't intended for garage fanatics: it's designed as the next step for listeners who love Nuggets but don't have the time, inclination, or patience to sort through the various Pebbles and Rubble series. It's also for listeners who have a fairly strict definition of garage, preferring American bands inspired by the Rolling Stones and Yardbirds bashing out blues-influenced primitive rockers, not the psychedelia that runs rampant through Nuggets, because there's precious little of that to be found here. Which isn't to say that Garage Beat is monotonous (well, no more than any other garage rock comp, but anybody interested in this music knows that going into the disc). There's a good variety of sounds and attitudes on I'm in Need!, from the snide, harmonica-fueled opener of the Haunted's "1-2-5" and Rob Kirk & the Word's minor-key, trippy "Girl Talk" to Nobody's Children's fuzzy, sneering "Good Times" and the Torquays' tense, Yardbirds-styled "Harmonica Man (From London Town)." There are three previously unissued cuts here, all noteworthy: the Counts IV's dense, wordy "Discussion of the Unorthodox Council," the Groupies' version of Willie Dixon's "Down in the Bottom," which is a rowdy barnstormer, and the Rahgoos' "Do the Rahgoo," an exhilarating manic two-minute blast of chaos. While there are no big hits here and a couple of cuts don't rise above the appealingly generic, this is a tight, compulsively listenable collection of some of the best second-tier garage rock singles. Much of this can be found elsewhere or is well known to hardened collectors, but for those listeners who don't want to amass a large collection of garage comps, this volume of Garage Beat, like the others, is an excellent distillation of some of the best lesser-known sides of the genre.

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Release Date: 06/21/2005
Label: Sundazed Music Inc.
UPC: 0090771115027
catalogNumber: 11150
Rank: 75436

Album Credits

Performance Credits

George Alexander   Guitar
George Anderson   Drums
Ed Black   Bass
Chris Holmes   Guitar,Vocals
Curt Johnson   Organ,Vocals
Robert Kirk   Vocals
Russ Kunkel   Drums
Bob Muller   Drums,Background Vocals
Larry Robinson   Rhythm Guitar
Peter Sando   Guitar,Vocals
Alan Fowler   Drums,Background Vocals
Allen Schram   Bass,Drums,Vocals
Paul Venturini   Organ,Background Vocals
Allan Birmingham   Guitar
Jurgen Peter   Guitar
Mason Shea   Bass
Dave Wynne   Drums
Jeff Jackson   Tambourine
Rick Johnson   Guitar
Jim Flynn   Bass
Peter Hendleman   Guitar
Ronnie Peters   Rhythm Guitar
Tim Myer   Bass
George Reeves   Rhythm Guitar
Monty Harper   Organ
Dwight Harris   Bass,Vocals
Jim Bertler   Organ
Bertin Bieda   Accordion
Charles Brodowitz   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Bob Burgess   Harmonica,Vocals
Joe DeHut   Rhythm Guitar
Len Demski   Bass,Background Vocals
Phil Donahue   Vocals
John Duns   Drums
Bob Durant   Bass
Richard Ehrenberg   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Matthew Gawlik   Bass
Joe Giannunzio   Vocals
Tom Gloden   Bass,Background Vocals
Mike Gotcher   Vocals
Scott Heinske   Guitar,Vocals
Jeff Hildt   Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Larry "Byrd" Hindman   Drums
Earl Hylok   Drums
James Kendzierski   Tambourine,screams
Howie Market   Drums
Bob Meloy   Guitar,Vocals
Ronnie Meloy   Rhythm Guitar
Richard Mickel   Rhythm Guitar
Art Moinlenen   Organ
Danny Pacheco   Drums
Enrique "Chico" Pacheco   Drums
Peluso   Bass,Vocals
Kenny Pollichek   Bass
John Popa   Rhythm Guitar
Marty Prue   Guitar,Vocals
Joey Rinaldi   Bass,Background Vocals
Don Roof   Harmonica,Rhythm Guitar
Raymond Schram   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Kevin Schröder   Guitar
Ron Stender   Saxophone
Tom Sumner   Guitar
Steve Vanderah   Drums,Background Vocals
Michael Bennett   Bass
Joe Booher   Guitar
Jay Jackson   Drums

Technical Credits

Willie Dixon   Composer
Mick Jagger   Composer
Dick Bozzi   Producer
Dale Davis   Producer
Van Morrison   Composer
Peter Sando   Composer,Producer
Allen Schram   Composer
Jurgen Peter   Composer,Producer
Jim Kirchstein   Producer
Bud Buschardt   Producer
Jim Bertler   Composer,Producer
Scott Heinske   Composer
Henchmen VI   Producer
James D. Musil   Producer
Barry Oxenhandler   Producer
Tom Sumner   Composer,Producer

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