From The Ghettos to the Thrones of Europe: Volume 1 The Ghettos: The Bloody Years

From The Ghettos to the Thrones of Europe: Volume 1 The Ghettos: The Bloody Years

by James Henderson Esq.




Many people are astonished at how the Jews could rise to world financial and political dominance so rapidly after being liberated from the Ghettos of Europe 200 years ago. From the Ghettos to the Thrones of Europe reveals that shortly before the Jewish leaders turned Jesus over to the Roman governor to be crucified, he established his authority as their Messiah by making some startling assertions concerning the future of the Jewish nation:

• He predicted the war between Rome and Jerusalem for world dominion in AD 70.
• He predicted their defeat, dispersion into captivity and perpetual sedition against Rome would last almost 2,000 years.
• He predicted Jerusalem's final victory against Rome which ended Gentile world rule.

Volume 1 of From the Ghettos to the Thrones of Europe is a riveting survey of 1750 years of blood and guts history documenting the centuries-long war between the dispersed Jews and, first, pagan Rome, and then Papal Rome. Henderson deftly directs the spotlight of history on that ominous alliance of Jewish bankers and neo-Pagan Freemasonry which engineered the French Revolution in 1789, and the overthrow of Papal Rome in 1798.

Volume 2 reveals that from the time Napoleon liberated the Jews from the Ghettos of Europe, the world has been under the domination of international Jewish central banks. The Judaeo/Masonic financial elite now sit as new kings on the thrones of Europe.

Volume 3 demonstrates that the Judaeo/Masonic financial plot to subvert America began in 1776 and triumphed in 1913 when the bankers usurped the sovereignty of the United States of America. Thirteen Judaeo/Masonic families now completely control America through their central bank, the Federal Reserve System.

Volume 4 is crucial for understanding the relationship between the Judaeo/Masonic New World Order and their Islamic Terror weapon now tearing the modern world apart. Henderson demonstrates that Jewish financial dominance will not last for ever, for the Papacy, in its role as peacemaker in the midst of a devastating war with Islam, will regain world domination prior to the end of history and the return of Christ.

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James Henderson is a writer, educator and attorney. Schooled in England, he graduated from Newbold College before immigrating to the United States. He graduated from Pepperdine University School of Law in 1978 and subsequently served as an assistant dean and professor of legal philosophy at a private law school before opening Henderson Law Firm. In addition to his legal practice, he is the author of several books.

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