From London With Love

From London With Love

by Jenna Petersen

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Three of London's most admired and desired ladies—these women share more in common than grace, beauty and charm. Each with their own special talent, together they are three of England's greatest spies.

From the Desk of Lady M

Meredith Sinclair is one of my best agents. She is stunning, witty and resourceful. She sparkles at every gala and can conquer any man with a whisper and a smile.

Her target: Tristan Archer, Marquis of Carmichael. Known as a proud and powerful member of society, he also once saved Meredith's life. She should trade on her seductive wiles and their prior relationship, if necessary.

Her mission: To uncover a treacherous plot and bring a potential traitor to justice.

Potential weaknesses: The dashing marquis's bold, intimate caress. His devilish good looks. And his devastating kiss that could bring even the best spy to her knees . . .

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ISBN-13: 9780061744051
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 10/13/2009
Series: The Lady Spies Series , #1
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 360,670
File size: 923 KB

About the Author

Two of Jenna Petersen's childhood dreams wereto be a ballerina and a baseball player. Those didn't work out,but she's pleased to be following another childhood dream,writing books for a living. And what better than romance,where dreams come true on every page? Jenna lives in centralIllinois with her high school sweetheart husband andtwo taskmaster cats. She loves to hear from readers.

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From London With Love

By Jenna Petersen

HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2006 Jenna Petersen
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0060798610

Chapter One


Meredith Sinclair held her breath as she knelt before the safe, a lock pick clamped between her teeth and a candle flickering on the floor as she gave the door a pull. Her lips tilted into a smile around the pick as the safe door swung open, revealing two identical velvet boxes.

Withdrawing them both, she pulled a tiny magnifying glass from the pocket of the fitted gentleman's trousers she wore as a disguise and removed the first necklace from its box. She barely held back a gasp of pleasure at the beauty of the piece. The diamonds sparkled in the glow of the candlelight and the amethysts reflected a violet so rich and deep that it was worthy of a king.

She dipped her head and examined the piece. When she didn't find what she had been looking for, she opened the second box, to reveal a necklace that was identical to the first in all ways.

"All ways but one," she murmured to herself with a smile as she found the tiny mark on one stone that indicated a forgery. She replaced the real necklace in its case and put it into her bag, then got to her feet.

Carefully, she slipped from the room and down the dim hallway to the servants' entrance she had paid a disgruntled footman to leave open for her. The home was silent as a grave,its occupants at a party across London, where they were no doubt scouting out their next piece of jewelry to steal. The servants had the night off or were in their quarters.

It was all too easy.

Meredith stifled another smug smile as she made her way into the garden behind the estate. In a few short steps she would be in her waiting carriage hidden around the corner and on her way back home. Another case solved.

The thought had no more than passed through her head when she heard a shout behind her. She glanced over her shoulder to see three men burst from the home in her direction.

"Damn it," she muttered as she started to run. The door leading from the garden onto the street was still a good twenty feet away.

That was when the first shot whizzed past her ear. Without breaking stride, Meredith looked back to see the second man lifting his gun as the first man fell behind to reload.

She dropped her shoulders and darted to the left as she reached the garden door, just as a second bullet slammed into its wooden face and splintered wood flew in all directions. She grabbed the door handle and pulled . . .

Only to find it had been relocked since her entry into the home not half an hour before.

A wide variety of curses passed through Mer-edith's mind, but she didn't utter them. For one, she had to save her breath for running, and two, since she was in disguise, she didn't want her pursuers to know she was a woman. That would only complicate matters.

She bounded along the garden wall in hopes she would find something to be her salvation. And then it appeared. A wheelbarrow propped against the wall by some helpful gardener.

"Thank you patron saint of spies," she murmured as she jumped onto the rounded top of the wheelbarrow, balanced for a brief moment, then braced her hands along the garden wall and pushed herself over the top.

She hit the cobblestone below with a jarring force that made her teeth rattle, but was instantly on the move again. Her carriage was parked in sight in the dark shadow of a nearby building, and her driver had turned, looking for her. Likely he had heard the gunfire inside the garden, for his own rifle was raised to cover her if need be.

With a yank, Meredith pulled the carriage door open and dove inside.

"Go, Henderson!" she called as another bullet shattered the glass window on the door. She reached back and pulled the damaged door shut as she flattened herself against the floor in case her pursuers fired again. "Drive!"

The horses had already begun to move before the second order left her lips. They roared forward under Henderson's skilled whip, leaving her hunters behind, their loud curses echoing along the quiet streets.

Ah, the life of a lady spy. Running from gunmen at midnight, overseeing a charity meeting by tea time. Meredith smiled. Somehow she doubted that the gentlemen who protected the Empire were doing the same.

"That is all the old business we have to review," Anastasia Whittig, one of her partners, said as she removed her wire-rimmed spectacles. "As always the Sisters of the Heart Society for Widows and Orphans' charity ball was an enormous success."

Their other partner, Emily Redgrave shrugged. "These events always are. But who cares about some stuffy ball?" She turned her sparkling blue stare on Meredith. "You have new business, don't you?"

Meredith couldn't suppress her wicked grin. She'd been fighting the urge to crow from the rooftops since her arrival. "I do."

As her friends watched, she reached into her reticule and withdrew the box she'd pilfered the night before. Ana and Emily leaned forward in anticipation when she removed the top and held up the necklace that lay within the folds of protective velvet. The jewels flashed sparkles in the afternoon sun.

For a moment a heavy silence hung in the room, but then Emily let out a sigh of delight and carefully took the piece from Meredith's hands. She held it against her throat.

"My God, Merry, it's beautiful! Even more exquisite than the sketches led us to believe," Emily squealed as she turned to the mirror above the mantelpiece and examined herself with the diamonds draped around her neck.

"Yes. I could scarcely draw breath when I took the piece from the safe." Meredith sighed.

Anastasia eyed the two women with a purse of her lips. "Is it wise to bring the jewelry here? It's against protocol."


Excerpted from From London With Love by Jenna Petersen Copyright © 2006 by Jenna Petersen. Excerpted by permission.
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From London With Love 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In this first installment of The Lady Spies Series, we are introduced to the infamous Lady M and Charles Isley as they create a new network of lady spies from society, young widows of beauty and intelligence, who will train and uncover traitorous plots against The Crown. Meredith Sinclair is the first beauty. Widow of a loveless marriage, Meredith discovers excitement and freedom in being one of the Lady Spies and working in the field picking locks and dodging bullets is her forte. When she is given a new assignment involving the handsome Tristan Archer, Marquis of Carmichael, who she has been attracted to since he saved her life as a young girl, her skills are put to the test. In order to discover if he is involved in treasonous activities she finagles an invitation to his family's house party. Little does she realize that Tristan has always been attracted to her and that now that she is back in his life, he finds her hard to resist. Tristan is out for vengeance to uncover the treasonous villain that was responsible for the death of his brother, who was killed in a military battle because of important information leaked about the location of troops. He realizes he must keep away from Meredith so she is not pulled into the danger. At the same time Meredith is trying to discover if Tristan is indeed linked to an oil painting that hides treasonous documents. Tristan and Meredith are drawn together by their individual missions and passionate desire for each other. As the activities of their individual missions and the house party spin out of control, Meredith and Tristan come together in a moment of intense passion in his bedchamber. The villain then uses their attraction to get away and when Meredith discovers evidence that points to Tristan she has him arrested, only to realize later that he may not be guilty. With the help of the other Lady Spies she frees Tristan and they work together in an exciting finale to uncover the real treasonous villain. From London With Love is a sensual, delightful adventure from start to finish that is difficult to put down. I can't wait to read and re-read the entire series!
Guest More than 1 year ago
In the Middle Ages, the standard for literary genius was the ability to take a well-known story and craft it into another story, both familiar and yet more. Our modern sensibility demands originality and newness as the standard for literary greatness. Jenna Petersen's From London With Love succeeds on both accounts. The characters will steal your heart and mind. The romance and the mystery will captivate you. The plot is well-constructed and drives the reader forward to the very last page. In fact, the last 10-20 pages were anything but a let-down --- I only paused to go online and order the next book in the series! Do yourself a favor and order both From London With Love and Desire Never Dies at the same time. In the tradition of the truly great Medieval writers, Jenna Petersen has taken the familiar stories and crafted them in unusual ways. The title alone is a hint of the literary fun to be found within. Who can forget James Bond and yet, in historic London, roles have changed. Who leads up this chosen group of three lady spies? Charley Isley, of course! In this period, however, telephones do not provide anonymity and he must actually appear before the ladies to assign cases. It is the mysterious Lady M who guides Charley's not-quite-so angelic spies. Who can forget the famous lovers Tristan and Isolde and the threat to the King whether in any of the countless Medieval versions or even the famous opera of Richard Wagner? Tristan's noble heart torments him as it should in any good Tristan tale, but Meredith is a more worthy and exciting Isolde to the classic sad Tristan driven crazy by love! I won't spoil the fun and give away all the literary fun, but you will love the twist on Charles Perrault's Cinderella's glass slipper! Now, if only UPS will hurry and deliver Desire Never Dies. This is one case when 3 day delivery is too slow.
itsamekatrina on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Great book by Petersen. This is my last book to read from her spy series, obviously I did not read in order. Enjoyed them all. Some more than others, but overall, kudos to Petersen.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Guest More than 1 year ago
When Charlie¿s Angels was reborn in Jenna Peterson¿s latest Regency she gave the world of spies a whole new set of rules starring intrepid and sexy heroines!*********** The mysterious Lady M recruited three young widows to spy for King and country. Meridith Sinclair, Lady Northam turned out to be one of the best only her latest target is none other than Tristan Archer, the Marquis of Carmichael. Tristan, the man who¿d once saved her life and whom she¿d fallen in love with many years ago was now a top suspect of treason against the crown. The more she uncovered, the guiltier he looked but her heart wouldn¿t let her believe him guilty. ************* Tristan Archer was more than aware of Meredith, but continued to keep his distance. For years he¿d watched with longing but now more than ever, when the prize he¿d sought for so long was within his reach, he must stay away from the only woman he¿d ever loved. He couldn¿t let her know the terrible secrets he kept no matter how seductive, how alluring, and how traitorous his body responded when she was near. *********** *** This was an exciting historical romance featuring a brand new trilogy from a new author who is making a bit of a splash with her steamy rendition of a trio of Regency widow ladies turned super-spy! Meredith and her two partners in crime, Emily and Anastasia, are strong, interesting female leads for the Regency period adding a brand new dimension to the genre. ************ Peterson did a marvelous job of building on the moral dilemma Meredith faced as she used old and cherished friendships in getting closer to Tristan. On one hand Meredith could tell herself she wouldn¿t be hurting anyone if she could find evidence of his innocence, but the more she uncovered, the guiltier Tritan looked. Her own guilt grew of raising the hopes of his mother wishing for a marriage, a woman who had only ever shown her kindness. Writing with passion the reader will feel the emotion, the love and the dilemma Meredith faced as she was slowly seduced by her burning love for Tristan. As all evidence pointed towards his part in despicable treachery Meredith had to decide whether or not to betray her friends and country for love. An exciting finish will have you hooked into pre-ordering the next sequel to this marvelous new trilogy. ************* Marilyn Rondeau ¿ RIO - Reviewers International Organization
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lady Spies? Charlie's Angels in Empire Waists? I wasn't expecting much when a friend whose taste I trust jammed this book in my hand and said,'You have GOT to read this book!' But,boy, I still trust that friend because this book was great. The sense of adventure never overruns the attention to character. I while it's a fun fast read, there is a really bittersweet quality to the problems the main characters face. I'm not going to give away the plot here. I am sure other reviewers will kick you some spoilers. But, friend, I am telling you, 'You have GOT to read this book!'
Guest More than 1 year ago
LONDON is the first book Jenna's highly anticipated (by me, anyway) Lady Spies Series. I read this book all within a space of a few hours because I couldn't put it down once I'd cracked it open. Jenna weaves a story for Tristan and Meredith that takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and makes you feel like you're actually there watching the characters interact. The path to a HEA is not smooth for Meredith, who must choose between what her logical mind knows and what her intuition tells her, and Tristan, who needs to decide if avenging a past wrong is worth endangering Meredith and the other people he loves. Pick it up and give it a shot. You'll be pleasantly surpised, I'm sure.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Recruited in 1808, four years later widow Meredith Sinclair is one of Lady M¿s best agents as she always accomplishes the mission. Her current assignment concerns her as she owes the target a debt since he, Marquis Tristan Archer, saved her life. Lady M¿s Lieutenant Charles Isley explains that a painting at the Genevieve Art House was tampered with and later stolen allegedly by Tristan the belief is that it was used to pass a seditious message against the country. Though she wants to refuse as doesn¿t want to deal Trevor, Meredith knows the importance of this undertaking that requires her skills to seduce the truth out of anyone even the rogue whose caresses made her tingle. --- As she begins her deadly game of seduction, she finds Tristan a willing partner. As they fall in love, Meredith feels her heart cannot be wrong that he would never act treasonous towards England. However, if not him, who as everything she finds out screams out that he is a traitor. Could her heart also be a traitor? --- Fans of historical romantic espionage thrillers will want to read Jenna Peterson first tale in a n exciting trilogy. The lead couple is a delightful duo dueling one another as they try to seduce each other while hiding their real agenda each suspects the other of wrong doing, but believe their respective heart is the traitor. Paraphrasing Avon editor Mary Chen whose description is so on the mark, FROM LONDON WITH LOVE is a clever rendition of Charlie¿s Angels in Regency England. --- Harriet Klausner