Forty Minutes By The Delaware

Forty Minutes By The Delaware

by Lee Patrick Anderson


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In the fall of 1777, things looked dark for the fledgling country known as the United States of America fighting for Independence. The young and inexperienced Continental soldiers had fought bravely, but ineffectively against the British and they're allies the Hessians. The enemy had captured Philadelphia and the powerful British navy flotilla, loaded with troops and supplies was making it's way up the Delaware to bring much needed relief to the beleaguered population of the capital city. But General Washington had vowed, "The enemy may have taken Philadelphia. But now let them hold it. It may in fact become they're downfall". The plans were to erect a series of three river fortifications to defend against the British navy from proceeding to Philadelphia. One of those forts, manned by only 575 men would have to face the onslaught of overwhelming odds. The fort, no more than earth and wood would see some of the most vicious fighting yet seen in the Revolutionary War. The battle would take a mere 40 minutes at a fort on the Delaware River on a Quaker farmers plantation called Red Bank. A fort called Mercer.

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