Forever Turn The Midnight Carousel: Poems and Short Stories

Forever Turn The Midnight Carousel: Poems and Short Stories

by Matthew Abuelo


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Matthew Abuelo’s Forever Turn the Midnight Carousel is a head-spinning depiction of harshest reality in New York City. Reading his sequence of poetry and stories is like “visiting the world of the forgotten.” In subway tunnels, psychiatric wards, and single occupancy rooms are individuals depicted in such brutal honesty by Abuelo that the reader cannot turn away or forget. Those of us fortunate enough to live “ordinary lives with ordinary fears” won’t easily file away this writer’s images–a “shut-in” dreading an eviction notice, a depressed tenant conceding “the instinct to survive but with no will to live,” a suicidal pedestrian for whom no cab stops. Forever Turn the Midnight Carousel is poetic recognition of lives cordoned off from meaning by urban excess and corruption. Through his searing poems and unflinching narratives, Mathew Abuelo speaks for those who know “the voice can become a severed limb.” His stark reminder of desperation just up the block or down the hallway is a jolting call for compassion.

Judith Austin Mills, author of Accidental Joy: a streak of poetry, and the Texas Revolution trilogy How Far Tomorrow, Those Bones at Goliad and The Dove Shall Fly

With the opening lines of his new book, Forever Turn the Midnight Carousel, Matthew Abuelo asks “What do you see? / What do you see when you lift the drawn shades?” What lies in the poems and stories beyond the drawn shades is the universe of Mr. Abuelo’s New York–its gutters, its streets, its skyscrapers–its people and their stories. It is a dizzying and urgent universe rendered in language just as urgent. These are words that will “dance forever” and “never die.”

Robert Pfeiffer, author of Bend, Break and The Inexhaustible Before

I have the privileged of reading yet another amazing work by Matthew Abuelo! Midnight Carousel will take you on a colorful, yet deep, deep as a midnight sky, ride. The ever turning spiral of emotions are filled in every line, stanza and verse as you are brought high and then downward again. The love of a city that is wrapped up in the arms of an old lover, that is slowly deteriorating around some while flourishing around newfound mistresses of whose sole purpose is to dine on the fatted-calf. Matthew paints a glorious picture with words as he shows the side of the “city that never sleeps” that very few and only those true professionals who keep the midnight oil burning long after midnight ever see. I highly recommend reading Midnight Carousel and following this profound writer. I look forward to interviewing him again very soon.”

Mary E. Rapier, aka Art Sees Diner

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ISBN-13: 9781632100351
Publisher: Plain View Press, LLC
Publication date: 05/22/2018
Pages: 138
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Matthew Abuelo is a writer, professional blogger and award winning poet best known for his observations on life in modern day New York. Born in Manhasset in 1975 to a father enlisted in the military, he and his family traveled throughout most of his childhood, living in army bases across the United States and Germany. After an early stint as a counselor for special needs children, Mr Abuelo began focusing more attention on his writing, developing his skills beyond poetry, to other genres including fiction and journalism. As an activist he helped organize the StrapHanger's campaign to fight for public transportation in Nassau County in the 1990's, has been involved in various campaigns within the peace movement after the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and has worked as an affordable housing advocate in New York City. Living in an SRO on the upper west side inspired him to write about his friends and neighbors, the remnants of bohemian New York, struggling to survive in an increasingly hostile and antagonistic world.
His previous book The News Factory: Notes from a Dying City was published by Plain View Press in 2012. His two earlier books, Organic Hotels and Last American Roar, are available on A former journalist for the online news site, Mr. Abuelo currently writes for the Times Square Chronicles, a bi-monthly publication based in Hell's Kitchen.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Noises Beyond the Black Snow 11

Ode to the Upper West Side 13

The Body of Good Fortune 19

The Price for Staying Too Long 20

For a Self-Destructive Heart 21

Morning’s Smoke Detector 23

A Song for No Album at All 24

Is There Any Hell Worse Than Now 27

The Gun Is Loaded 30

Defying Death While at the Movies 32

For Mr. Algren 33

Oh New York 34

Paris 1918 36

Management 38

Land of the Cheated 39

New York’s Bad Dream 40

The Brief Story of Henry Wilson 51

Last Love Letter 56

The Mole People 58

The Clocks 60

Untitled 61

Untitled 62

Two Simple Facts 63

A Random Thought 64

Goodbye Sergeant 66

Untitled 71

Part 2:To the Guard Behind the Metal Door: Let Me In 73

For Armine 75

Ocean 77

For My Mother 79

For Ruth 83

Part 3: Forever Turn The Midnight Carousel 85

Three Years Too Late 87

The Ghost 91

Dancing in Two Worlds 94

Gray Dust 98

Walking in Central Park with You 100

The Last Ode 102

Merry’s Last Gleanings 105

Last Turn of The Morning Carousel/

Forever Turn the Midnight Carousel 107

Oh September110

Behind the Heavy Metal Door 111

The Art of Escape 133

About the Author 137

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