For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records

For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records


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In 1999, the folks at Bloodshot Records gave themselves a well-deserved pat on the back for lasting five years and releasing over 50 records in the notoriously treacherous waters of indie rock with the double-disc anthology Down to the Promised Land: 5 Years of Bloodshot Records. Six years later, Bloodshot continues to thrive as America's bravest and nerviest roots music label, and they've decided to throw another double-disc party on For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records. The label's second birthday anthology is a considerably more ambitious and forward-thinking release than the fine Down to the Promised Land, and plays like a bigger and better variation on Bloodshot's debut release, the 1994 compilation For a Life of Sin. Just as For a Life of Sin was less about celebrating the birth of a new label than providing a platform for a handful of worthy country-influenced rock bands that deserved more attention than they were getting, For a Decade of Sin features nearly as many non-Bloodshot acts as it does artists from their own roster in a loose but emphatic effort to chronicle the broad range of music they love. Running from the steely traditionalism of Ralph Stanley and Paul Burch's duet on "Little Glass of Wine" to the whacked-out twang of Bobby Bare, Jr.'s cover of Jane's Addiction's "Ocean Size" and the joie de vivre of Wayne Hancock and Hank III trading verses on "Juke Joint Jumping" to the beautiful darkness of Carla Bozulich's "Lonesome Roads," this collection gives the lie to the notion of Bloodshot's alt-country as a narrowly defined collision of punk and country & western, and illustrates how many varieties of great music this label has embraced. And with great new tunes from the Minus 5, My Morning Jacket, the Old 97's, the Yayhoos, Mary Lou Lord, Richard Buckner, and Blanche on deck, this set isn't a label sampler but a declaration of the state of the twang-conscious union, and without the jokey asides like "Bloodshot's Turning Five" that marred the first anniversary set. In short, if you have any interest at all in the roots-oriented side of contemporary music, this set is outstanding listening and should welcome you to a few acts you've needed to hear. Let's just hope Bloodshot can keep doing this stuff for another decade.

Product Details

Release Date: 10/25/2005
Label: Bloodshot Records
UPC: 0744302011226
catalogNumber: 112
Rank: 91827


Disc 1

  1. Blood, Sweat & Murder
  2. De-Railed
  3. Little Glass of Wine
  4. Close Your House Down
  5. Ocean Size
  6. Behind That Locked Door
  7. The Plan
  8. Little White Pills
  9. A Living Hell
  10. Do You Want to Go Somewhere?
  11. Lonesome Roads
  12. Sputnik 57
  13. I'm Yer Huckleberry
  14. No Way Out But Down
  15. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  16. Harridan of Yore
  17. Where Are All My Friends?
  18. Chicken Road
  19. Shake a Tail Feather
  20. Tearin' My Hair Out
  21. Love Train

Disc 2

  1. Two Way Action
  2. Ship to Spain
  3. I'd Be Lonesome
  4. How Many Biscuits Can You Eat?
  5. I Want to Destroy You
  6. Cold Company
  7. Now I Know
  8. Magnificent Seven
  9. The Call of the Wreckin' Ball
  10. Got Just What I Want
  11. Josephine
  12. Juke Joint Jumping
  13. Red Head
  14. The Lost Soul
  15. Tell Me
  16. People Who Died
  17. Berliners
  18. How Long (Have You Been Gone)?
  19. How Can I Be So Thirsty Today?
  20. Burn the Flag
  21. I Fought the Law

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ralph Stanley   Vocals
Bill Anderson   Guitar
Clifford Brown   Electric Guitar
Nels Cline   Lap Steel Guitar
Scott McCaughey   Piano,Vocals
Dan Baird   Group Member
Eric Ambel   Group Member
Terry Anderson   Group Member
Scott Bricklin   Keyboards
Peter Buck   Acoustic Guitar,Mandolin
Sean Dean   Bass
Duane Denison   Guitar
Chris Eckman   Organ
Dave Feeny   Harmonica,Pedal Steel Guitar,Background Vocals,Melodica
Rachel Haden   Background Vocals
Mike Ireland   Bass,Vocals
Robert Kearns   Bass,Vocals
Tim Kelley   Bass,Guitar
Jon Langford   Group Member
Kevin O'Donnell   Drums
Nick Saloman   Guitar
Sally Timms   Vocals
Mark Deutrom   Bass
Vincent Martini   Guitar,Vocals
Tom Ray   Bass
Wayne Hancock   Guitar,Vocals
William King   Percussion,Drums
Joe Camarillo   Drums,Vocals,Group Member
Brian Henneman   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Mary Lou Lord   Guitar,Vocals
Fats Kaplin   Fiddle
Steve Sparkman   Banjo
Rhett Miller   Guitar,Vocals
James Alan Shelton   Rhythm Guitar
Eric Bachmann   Piano,Vocals
Carla Bozulich   Guitar,Vocals
Darcie Deaville   Fiddle
Weba Garretson   Background Vocals
Alan Doughty   Bass,Vocals
Mark Ortmann   Drums
Greg Vanderpool   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Lisa Rogers   Vocals
Hank Williams   Guitar,Vocals
Andrew Bird   Violin,Vocals
Mike Gent   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Paul Burch   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Smith   Guitar,Vocals
Cherilyn DiMond   Bass,Vocals
Roberto J. Sanchez   Drums
Scott Luallen   Vocals
Murry Hammond   Bass,Vocals
Bill Herzog   Bass,Drums
Michael "Holler" Lemon   Guitar
Ani Cordero   Guitar,Vocals
Cassius   Accordion
Chris Mills   Acoustic Guitar
Rex Hobart   Vocals
Jason Parker   Trumpet
Ryan Hembrey   Bass
Joel Patterson   Guitar
Gerald Dowd   Drums
Ken Bethea   Guitar
Pete Donnelly   Bass
Jeff Eaton   Vocals
Wayne Gottstine   Mandolin,Background Vocals
Eric Mardis   Banjo,Background Vocals
Philip Peeples   Trap Kit
Kirk Rundstrom   Guitar,Background Vocals
Pete Stiles   Guitar
Dean Schlabowske   Guitar,Vocals
Jon Rauhouse   Acoustic Guitar,Pedal Steel Guitar,Electric Guitar,Hawaiian Guitar
Keith Christopher   Group Member
Dallas Good   Guitar
Travis Good   Guitar
Bobby Bare   Guitar,Vocals
Felipe Flores   Baritone Saxophone
Jennie Benford   Mandolin,Vocals
Brad Hutchinson   Banjo
Jim Krewson   Guitar,Vocals
Nora O'Connor   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Lemon   Drums
Solomon Hofer   Pedal Steel Guitar
Cisco Ryder   Drums
Joel Paterson   Guitar,Vocals
Britton Beisenherz   Bass
Kathleen Edwards   Vocals
Eric Eble   Bass
Lada Furlan Zaborac   Bass
Hrvoje Zaborac   Drums
Dalibor Pavicic   Guitar
Dinko Tomljanovic   Guitar
Christa Meyer   Vocals
Chris Verene   Drums
Bob Packwood   Hammond Organ
Ches Smith   Drums
Andre Williams & His New Group   Vocals
Molly Conley   Vocals
Gary Roadarmel   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Deano   Group Member
Eric Johnson   Acoustic Guitar
Rick "Cookin'" Sherry   Harmonica,Drums,Vocals
Graham Lindsey   Banjo,Vocals
Kurt Marschke   Guitar,Vocals
Philip Skarich   Bass,Background Vocals
Masha Marjieh   Vocals
Ross Westerbur   Organ,Piano,Background Vocals
Dale Murray   Pedal Steel Guitar
Lisa "Jaybird" Jannon   Drums
Patch Boyle   Banjo
George Hunter   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Doni Schroader   Drums
John Horton   Electric Guitar
Matt Mays   Guitar,Vocals
Dan John Miller   Fiddle,Guitar,Vocals
Kaveh Rastegar   Double Bass
Jo Walston   Piano,Vocals
Scott Ligon   Keyboards
Peter Lind Hayes   Drums
Barton Carroll   Upright Bass
Michael Grimes   Bass
Tim Baker   Percussion,Drums
Alan Sprockets   Group Member
Eddie Biebel   Guitar
Earl Crim   Bass,Guitar
Ryan Farnham   Drums
Jim Fredley   Mandolin
Nick Grosso   Piano
Kim Martini   Bass,Vocals
Jarret Murphy   Guitar,Vocals
Northern Iowa Drunken Men's Choir   Background Vocals
Andy Patil   Bass,Vocals
Brian Pulito   Drums
Chris Rhoades   Upright Bass
J.B. Rodgers   Vocals
Matt Rowling   Bass
Sean Schroeder   Guitar
Jessica Vohs   Background Vocals
Miranda Ziegler   Background Vocals
Miguel Castillo   Bass
Tiffany Gazic   Background Vocals
Mike Belitsky   Drums

Technical Credits

Bill Anderson   Producer
Jim Carroll   Composer
George Harrison   Composer
Robyn Hitchcock   Composer
Graham Parker   Composer
Andre Williams   Composer
Mike Martin   Engineer
Eric Ambel   Producer
Rainer Ptacek   Composer
Steve Albini   Engineer
Colin Andrews   Producer
John Baccigaluppi   Engineer
Steve Deutsch   Producer
Perry Farrell   Composer
Kenny Gamble   Composer
Tim Hatfield   Engineer
Jon Langford   Composer
Mark Nevers   Producer
Jay Newland   Engineer
Kimberley Rew   Composer
Nick Saloman   Producer
Don Smith   Producer
Carter Stanley   Composer
Tom Tatman   Producer,Engineer
Margo Timmins   Composer
Morris Windsor   Composer
Richard Buckner   Composer,Contributor
Charlie Dos Santos   Producer,Engineer
Mark Deutrom   Producer
Mark Haines   Engineer
Wayne Hancock   Composer
16 Horsepower   Producer
Mike Hagler   Engineer
Bob Nolan   Composer
Mary Lou Lord   Composer
Robbie Fulks   Composer
Carla Bozulich   Composer,Producer
Brett Sparks   Engineer
John Smerek   Engineer
Rennie Sparks   Engineer
Bob Ferbrache   Engineer
Martin Feveyear   Engineer
Gary Schepers   Producer,Engineer
Ken Sluiter   Engineer
Andrew Bird   Composer
Paul Burch   Producer
G.G. Anderson   Composer
Verlie Rice   Composer
A. Avery   Composer
Andy Gerber   Engineer
Randy Wilson   Engineer
Pete Donnelly   Producer,Engineer
Colin Mahoney   Engineer
Jon Rauhouse   Producer
Traditional   Composer
Bobby Bare   Producer
Jan-Erik Tormoen   Engineer
Otha Hayes   Composer
Erik Lloyd Walkoff   Producer
M.C. Taylor   Composer
Scott Hirsch   Arranger
Graham Lindsey   Composer
Kurt Marschke   Composer
Dan Miller   Composer
Matt Mays   Composer,Producer
Chris Carr   Engineer
Milton Mapes   Producer
Dean Bratcher   Engineer
Chad Meise   Engineer
Scott H. Biram   Composer,Producer
Mike Janus   Engineer
Brian Pulito   Producer

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