Footsteps to World War III

Footsteps to World War III

by Juan R. Céspedes Ph.D.


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A riveting, enlightening and often frightening look at the next major war involving the United States and the world from Dr. Juan R. Céspedes, noted historian, researcher and geopolitical thinker. In his thought-provoking book, Dr. Céspedes draws from a multitude of sources to carefully analyze the likelihood, and the outcomes, of a major military encounter between the United States and its major potential adversaries. Asserting that we are at the doorstep of a new epoch, he constructs a lucid and highly comprehensible forecast of the challenges that the United States can expect from around the world. For example, a new Cold War with an expansionist Russia will be eclipsed by increasing economic and military confrontations with the People's Republic of China. The dangers posed by Middle Eastern jihadism will be intensified by a resurgent Iran seeking alliances with other nations. New technologies, political and economic trends will significantly alter the American way of life and military capacity. The Japanese will change their foreign policy, becoming more geopolitically aggressive. As a Europe continues to weaken militarily and chose neutralist policies, or policies contrary to those of the United States, what new alliances can the United States formulate? With this panorama, will the United States remain the dominant global superpower, as other nations challenge American preeminence? Will such a war ultimately end with a victory by the United States and its allies? Captivating and compelling from the first to the last page, "Footsteps to World War III" is a fascinating exploration of what the future may hold for the world at large.

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Pages: 184
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