Flecker of Dean Close

Flecker of Dean Close

by Charles Williams
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Charles Williams (1886-1945) was a British theologian, playwright, novelist and poet. As a member of the 'Inklings' literary group at Oxford, his work supported a strong sense of narrative and his Christian fantasy writing, such as 'Descent into Hell' (1937), earned him many followers. Flecker of Dean Close (1946-7) is a biographical account of the work of William Flecker, headmaster of the Dean Close Memorial School from 1886 to 1924. The book was written under commission by the Flecker family and chronicle's Flecker's clerical influence in the formation of the school and his advocacy of its Evangelical principles. Located in Cheltenham, England, the school is still active today and continues to promote the Christian faith. This classic work is now being republished in a new modern edition with a specially commissioned introductory biography.

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Publication date: 12/14/2018
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