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Surprize, delight and amaze yourself, your friends, family, loved ones and businesss associates with the eye opening, illuminating, delightful and delicious information in this book applied. Flat abs in forty days is what you will get when you follow the healthy natural diet outlined in this colorfully illustrated, enjoyable to read, easy to apply book. You will learn why weight accumulates around the abdomen and exactly what you need to do to naturally and enjoyably create flat abs in forty days. And you will learn what optimal delicious natural foods to eat every day and be able to eat as much as you want to eat of God's and Mother Nature's optimal perfect human foods to keep and and maintain your perfect flat healthy abs and healthy intestines. You will also reach your optimal perfect weight. Gain radiant glowing toned smooth soft supply skin. Gain tremendous increases in your energy. Gain internal solar power. Gain increase in your mental clarity-no more brain fog. Gain fast growing luxurious hair. Gain radiant glowing optimal health. There are no gimmicks, no pills, no exercise regemines to follow.You only need to learn the secret of what the humans perfect optimal food is for perfect flat abs, great energy, optimal perfect weight and great health!
This diet was originally given by a hygienist to an MD in the 1940's. The MD was looking for a way to improve his own failing health and restore his own phyical fittness. He employed the book perfect 40 day diet as outlined in this book. Success crownd his effforts. The MD recovered his health and physical fittness so successfully and was so impressed with the fantastic results of this diet. He opened a dietary clinic in upstate New York and cured, healed and restored the health of over 60,000 of his patients. Flat toned abs are an indicator of good intestinal health. The basis of flat abs and great optimal human health begins with a clean healthy intestinal system.You only need to learn to control 3 things to gain perfect washboard flat abs. In this book you will learn to control your own fork, knife and spoon! The only other thing you need to learn to gain toned flat abs is to learn what the humans natural affordable abundant optimal perfect ideal foods are to gain and maintain perfect flat abs, reach your optimal perfect weight, gain great solar powered energy, gain optimal health and increased longevity. The information in this book applied is priceless and a must read for every person who wants flat abs in forty days.

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BN ID: 2940014019170
Publisher: Jeanette Ericsen Tellisen Larsen
Publication date: 02/06/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 11 MB
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About the Author

The author of this book, Jeanette Ericsen Tellisen Larsen, an optimal food, optimal diet, optimal energy, optimal health and optimal longevity researcher, metaphyician and religious author, searched as did Ponce De Leon, for the optimal perfect foods for optimal human health, and found,'the eternal fountain of youth diet' as given to you in this ook. The author has read over 1000 books, old and new, researched countless articles, published studies and peer reviewed reports and findings on food, diet, nutrition, cooking, food combining, genetics and optimal health from all over the world. She found the optimal perfect human foods diet when she applied the information in this book. The author lost over 50 pounds of stubborn, health destroying belly fat/belly weight by applying the information as outlined in this book. This book perfect diet did so much more then just give the author smooth toned flat abs, the author knew this was the optimal food diet for every human seeking flat toned abs, great energy, perfect weight and optimal health. The author has shared her results of this diet online since 2004 with over 12 million viewers and spread the word to over 12 million viewers on her 2 authored forums hosted on a cyber cloud. The diet applied was so successful for the author and millions of others, the author put the optimal human diet in one, non commercial interest, non special interest authored, concise, easy to read, easy to apply, easy to understand book form for every human who seeks perfect flat toned abs and optimal health in one easy to read, easy to apply, colorfully illustrated book. The diet outlined in this book applied removes a littony of other complaints that accompany wrong diet and swollen distended intestines and belly weight. The author no longer calls this a diet, for her it has become a perfect optimal way of delectable refreshing daily eating for perfect flat toned abs, soft smooth supply skin, fast growing luxurious hair, clear eyes, clean blood, clean intestines, and optimal great energy. The author and millions of others have happily adopted this optimal perfect God created, God reccomended perfect human food diet as thier own optimal perfect food diet for flat toned abs, optimal health, great energy and optimal longevity. The author knows once you see and feel the effects of this diet applied, and gain flat toned abs, perfect weight, great energy and optimal health and longevity, you will simply call it, 'my favorite foods book.'

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FLAT ABS IN FORTY DAYS 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Why does this cost $199.99! That's a lot of money for an e-book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book brought me from a deathbed of a multitude of complaints, fat belly and illness and resored to me my health, great energy, flat abdomen, a new health freedom and sense of well being and saved my life!!!! Visit me at facebook, FRUITARIAN PRANARIAN