Fix Knee Pain Fast!: Reduce pain and increase mobility in knees and other joints.

Fix Knee Pain Fast!: Reduce pain and increase mobility in knees and other joints.

by Jack Angel


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This is a bite-sized book loaded with valuable but easily digestible (*1) content telling you how I vastly improved my knee health. *1 - "easily digestible" is a pun that you will understand after you've read this book!You will not find this information on the web, I searched for it and never found it! This bite-sized book tells you what I did to make a huge positive difference to my knee health and to my quality of life.This may also work for hips, spine/back, fingers and shoulder joints etc. I know with certainty this worked for my knees, and I suspect it will work for other joints - it must be worth having a look for yourself.I wish someone (perhaps my Doctor!) had shared this knowledge with me years ago - as it has made a huge positive difference to my life. My knees were continually painful - that is no longer the case. My knees seriously reduced my mobility every single day - that is no longer the case. This bite-sized book will get straight to the point - it is not full of padding and waffle. You can read it in one sitting if you want to.It tells you how I carefully experimented with lots of different foods as well as food supplements, multivitamins, joint care supplements and some other very important factors before I found a combination that was not only easy to follow but also radically improved my bad knees. When my knees were bad I was in pain every day, and even in pain when lying in bed. I struggled to walk from one room to another. Today I go days on end without even thinking about my knees! I go for walks, I cycle, I even dig in my garden - in short I've got my life back! When I feel my knee problems returning it is because I've stopped doing the simple things I know I should be doing (the things you will know about after reading this book). So, to get back to a good state is simple, I go back to doing things right!This short book will tell you what I found works for me and it won't waste your time telling you the details of what doesn't, or how I worked out which is which. I'm aiming for low on waffle, high on useful information here.Whether you buy this bite-sized book for yourself, a friend, a relative or even an acquaintance - the valuable knowledge here can be digested today in a single sitting and then used - today! [bad knees, weak knees, joint pain, knee pain, stiff knees, painful knee, mobility, knee health, joint pain relief, bad knee, arthritis, arthritic knees, bone pain, pain relief, relief from joint pain, early osteoarthritis, OA, rheumatism, knee ache, meniscus pain, aching joints, bone, ligament, cartilage, tendon, ACL, arthritic and meniscus pain, osteoporosis, chronic aches and stiffness, knees give way, pain walking].

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ISBN-13: 9798669896386
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 07/27/2020
Pages: 46
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.11(d)

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