Fission, Fusion and The Energy Crisis

Fission, Fusion and The Energy Crisis

by S. E. Hunt

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Fission, Fusion and the Energy Crisis, Second Edition focuses on the importance of the breeder reactor to the efficient use of nuclear fuel reserves. This book examines the interrelationships of the scientific, technological, economic, and ecological aspects of nuclear power and considers the debate on the possible danger of a ""plutonium economy.""
This monograph is comprised of 12 chapters and opens with a discussion on the energy requirements and available fuel supplies on a global scale, with emphasis on capital fuel reserves and renewable energy sources. An overview of the atom and its nucleus, mass, and energy is then presented. The following chapters explore the process of nuclear fission and how it can be used to produce a hydrogen bomb; natural uranium reactors and enriched reactors; the control and safety of nuclear reactors; and the short- and long-term economics of nuclear power stations. The nuclear power programs of some countries such as Canada, Britain, and the United States are also considered. Finally, the nuclear fusion process and attempts to control it for use in the production of heat and electricity are analyzed.
This text is intended for nuclear scientists and undergraduate students.

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Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 10/22/2013
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Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition

Preface to the First Edition

Acknowledgments to the Second Edition

Acknowledgments to the First Edition

1 Living on Capital

2 The Atom and Its Nucleus, Mass and Energy

3 Fission and the Bomb

4 The Natural Uranium Reactor

5 Enriched Reactors

6 Control and Safety

7 Long-Term Economics: The Breeder Reactions and Nuclear Fuel Reserves

8 Short-Term Economics: The Cost per Kilowatt Hour

9 National Nuclear Power Programs

10 Nuclear Power and the Environment

11 Renewable Energy Sources

12 The Fusion Program

Summary and Comment

Glossary of Terms

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