Fiske Real College Essays That Work

Fiske Real College Essays That Work

by Edward Fiske, Bruce Hammond

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Top College Essays That Show You What Works

1. Take the stress out of writing your essays!
Every fall, thousands of aspiring students just like you spend hours staring at a computer screen, searching for a clever opening line or life-changing experience. It doesn't have to be that hard--we'll help you push past writer's block and find a topic that works for you!

2. Let your personality shine through!
A good essay does not need to be a literary masterpiece or a scholarly treatise worthy of James Joyce. The best essays come from high school students just being themselves. We'll teach you how to showcase yourself--and all the depth, with, charm, and quirkiness you bring to your daily life.

3. Submit an essay that will get you in!
College admissions experts Edward B. Fiske and Bruce G. Hammond give you all the advice you need for an essay that will open the door to the college of your choice. You'll find effective examples from real applicants--of all skill levels--and learn how to successfully bring your essay from initial draft to final submission.

Real essays on these topics and more:

•The Arts
•Racial and Cultural Differences
•Personal Growth

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About the Author

Edward B. Fiske served for 17 years as Education Editor of the New York Times, during which time he realized that college-bound students and their families needed better information on which to base their educational choices. He wrote the bestselling annual, The Fiske Guide to Colleges, to help them.

Bruce G. Hammond was editor in chief of The Insider's Guide to the Colleges and was managing editor of four editions of The Fiske Guide to Colleges. He is the author of Discounts and Deals at the Nation's 360 Best Colleges and is the school and college expert at Parent Soup, a division of

Read an Excerpt

1. What Makes a Great Essay?
Mention that you're writing a college essay and you'll probably get an earful of advice:

• "Write about your trip to Mexico," offers your mom. "You can show that you've broadened your horizons."
• "Community service always looks good," says Dad. "Talk about your work with Habitat for Humanity."
• "Write something funny," advises your best friend. "They love essays that make them laugh."
• "Make yourself stand out," says your guidance counselor. "In a pile of one thousand essays, yours should be the one they remember."

If you're lucky, you won't hear all of the above-at least not all at once. But the odds are good that you'll get some of it, particularly the one about making yourself stand out. How, exactly, do you accomplish that one? Have you scaled Mount Everest? Overcome a terminal disease? Saved a toddler from a burning building?
Of course not. Neither have 99.9 percent of the rest of us. The best essays are seldom about a dramatic event or "significant experience" that changes the author's life. Real people don't get hit by lightning and suddenly realize that they should live their lives differently. Human development is a step-by-step, day-by-day process that happens almost imperceptibly.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Couldn't I Just Write about
Things That Make Me Happy? -

Part I: Writing a Great Essay -
Chapter 1: What Makes a Great Essay? -
Chapter 2: Rescue from Writer's Block -
Chapter 3: Crafting a Narrative -

Part II: Real College Essays That Work -
Academics -
Science and Science Fiction -
Hobby or Interest -
Athletics -
The Arts -
Camp Counseling and Community Service -
Racial or Cultural Differences -
Politics and Religion -
A Significant Experience -
Humor -
Family and Relationships -
A Moral Dilemma -
Personal Growth -
Travel -
Why I Love First Choice U. -
Appendix: The Search for an Opening Line -
Acknowledgments -
About the Authors -

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