Fire And Ice

Fire And Ice

by Mary O Sullivan

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Jack Cantor is an only child from a middle-class background. Academically brilliant, he is studying for his Leaving Certificate at just sixteen years of age and sure to score very high points for University entrance.
Jack’s intellectual ability is not matched by emotional intelligence. He has difficulty in forming friendships and is cold and withdrawn even with those closest to him. He is hurt by the rejection of his classmates, particularly Shane Mulcahy and his gang of followers, including the very pretty Susan Fennelly.

His mother, Ruth, is too preoccupied with the impending shut-down of the pharmaceutical plant where she works as Quality Control Manager to notice that her son is getting increasingly angry and alienated from the normal life of a teenager. An aloof woman, she never saw Jack’s lack of friends as a problem. But his father, book shop owner Garry, is very worried about Jack’s behaviour since he discovered that his son has an interest in sadism.

When Ingrid Vangen, the au pair who has reared Jack, hands in her notice and admits she is now afraid of Jack, the Cantor family have to face truths they would rather deny. Is their boy a ‘weirdo’ as Susan Fennelly and his classmates accuse? Is he dangerous, as Ingrid Vangen believes? Is he mentally unstable, as his father fears or is he independent and misunderstood as his mother claims? Is he bully or victim? Is he bad or mad?

The only person who can answer these questions is Jack himself. He takes us on a journey through loneliness, confusion, hatred and violence before finally leaving us with only one question. Why?

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BN ID: 2940033179534
Publisher: Mary O Sullivan
Publication date: 04/21/2012
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

The Early Years I was born in Limerick city in Ireland. When I was two years old my parents moved to the seaside town of Crosshaven in Co. Cork. Skirting as it does the expanse of Cork Harbour, Crosshaven was a magic place in which to grow up. Teeming rock pools, towering cliffs and sandy coves instilled in me a life-long love of nature. Flotsam and jetsam thrown up by winter storms stirred my imagination. Where had that one shoe come from? The bottle , the piece of timber , the shard of blue glass? I began to imagine the stories behind the sorry dross abandoned by angry winter seas. The In Between Bit I worked as a Laboratory Technician. My hobby, my passion, was writing. Busy with my family and job , I grabbed some moments here and there to write poetry and short stories. I also wrote a general interest column in a local newspaper. My two sons, as children do, grew up and finding that there were less demands on my time ,I joined a creative writing class. It was then , with the encouragement of tutor Vincent McDonald , that the idea of writing a novel took shape. I began to expand on a short story I had written some years previously . It was a shock to discover that enthusiasm and imagination are not enough. For the first time I learned that writing can be very hard work! And now --- I have five published novels and a sixth due out early 2011. I write full time now. It is a demanding way of life but one so full of challenge and fulfillment that I cannot imagine a better way to spend my days. No more clock watching! The hours just speed past as I write - and re-write , always in the hope that people will enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them.

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