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Financial Freedom and the American Dream: Five Steps for Financial Independence and Early Retirement

Financial Freedom and the American Dream: Five Steps for Financial Independence and Early Retirement

by Justin Boucher


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Imagine for a moment that you could achieve financial freedom and live the American Dream ...

What would it mean to you? Retiring early? Freedom to live life the way you want? Work when you want or not? Travel? More time with your family? The resources to explore hobbies and things you have been wanting to do for years?

I realize that for many people the idea of true financial freedom may not be believable. This is understandable as a lot of us have grown up with very little education around money and creating wealth. However, as a Certified Financial Planner® who has worked with hundreds of people in different stages of life, I am here to tell it is very possible to reach financial freedom. It takes the right mindset and a willingness to follow a few essential principles which I lay out for you in this book. As you read through it you will discover:

•Unique and effective methods to significantly reduce or eliminate taxes
•Clever ways to create an everlasting portfolio for generations to come so no one in your lineage ever struggles with money again
•The secrets for managing debt (including credit card and student loan debt)
•How to stretch your dollar further than you ever imagined
•How to make sure you never run out of money in retirement
•Why investing in yourself first is critical to your financial freedom

This is not a get rich scheme or a program of severe budgeting, it is however a very clear and defined path to achieving financial freedom and living the American Dream. Whether you are already on track for reaching your goals, just getting started, or are struggling financially, you can start or dramatically accelerate your journey for achieving your financial dreams today!

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