Fields of Screams

Fields of Screams

by Barry Reid

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More than three million children between the ages of six and eighteen played for organized youth soccer teams in the United States last year. By far, most of them played in the novice and beginning divisions. Teams need coaches to guide them, particularly in those levels. With an average of two coaches per team, that means that approximately one hundred thousand coaches coached those kids last season. Very few leagues have an overabundance of youth coaches at their disposal. It is common for many soccer leagues to beg and plead with parents of soccer players to coach their childs team. Far too often, leagues pose the threat to parents that their sons or daughters might not be able to play that season, unless a parent of a player on the team without a coach steps up and decides to coach. If they dont coach, their childrens seasons may be over before they begin.

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Publication date: 04/25/2017
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My soccer playing career began at the innocent age of ten. My mother suggested signing me up to play in the local soccer league. She told me that she thought I would have the perfect build to play the sport if I lost some weight. I had already been swimming on my neighborhood swim team during the summer, but swimming didn’t happen in the fall. Soccer did, though. I had been very overweight at the beginning of the summer swimming season, but I had gone on a diet and lost a lot of weight during the season. Since I wanted to lose more weight I took my mom up on her offer. I didn’t know anything about soccer, Pele', or the World Cup. I just knew that I liked kicking a ball around. Since my only experience with soccer had been when I had kicked a soccer ball around just for fun, my mom signed me up for the lowest level of soccer for my age group.

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