A Field Guide to the Mammals of Egypt

A Field Guide to the Mammals of Egypt

by Richard Hoath


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A Field Guide to the Mammals of Egypt is the first comprehensive field guide to every mammal species recorded in contemporary Egypt, from gazelle to gerbil, from hyena to hyrax. Each mammal species is described in detail, with reference to identification features, status, habitat, and habits, and with comparisons to similar species. A map is also provided for each species, clearly showing its current, and in some cases historical, range. Every species is meticulously illustrated—the bats and sea mammals in detailed black-and-white illustrations, all other species in scientifically accurate color plates. Additional vignettes emphasize aspects of mammal behavior, cover the minutiae of such features as the nose-leafs and ear structure of the various bat species, and illustrate the tracks and trails of the more commonly encountered mammals. This is an indispensable reference work for anyone interested in the wildlife of Egypt, from professional biologists to desert travelers and interested amateurs. Furthermore, as it describes and illustrates every whale and dolphin species recorded in Egyptian waters, including the Red Sea, it will be of special significance to anyone diving in the region. The book is compact, easy to slip into a daypack, and well up to the rigors of desert travel.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9789774162541
Publisher: American University in Cairo Press, The
Publication date: 03/15/2009
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Richard Hoath is one of Egypt’s leading naturalists. He has published many books, articles, and scientific papers on Egypt’s fauna. He is currently on the faculty of the American University in Cairo.

Table of Contents

The Biogeography of Egypt1
The Northern Coastal Strip4
The Western Desert5
The Eastern Desert6
The Sinai Peninsula7
Gebel Elba9
The Nile Delta and Valley9
Marine Environments11
Current Threats and the Status of Egyptian Mammals12
The Future15
Using the Guide17
The Text18
The Maps21
The Plates22
The Insectivores24
Long-eared Hedgehog26
Ethiopian Hedgehog28
Greater Musk Shrew30
Flower's Shrew32
Dwarf Shrew32
Lesser White-toothed Shrew33
House Shrew35
Savi's Pygmy Shrew36
The Bats37
Egyptian Fruit Bat38
Larger Rat-tailed Bat41
Lesser Rat-tailed Bat41
Geoffroy's Tomb Bat43
Egyptian Sheath-tailed Bat44
Egyptian Slit-faced Bat45
Arabian Horseshoe Bat48
Lesser Horseshoe Bat49
Mehely's Horseshoe Bat50
Trident Horseshoe Bat52
Kuhl's Pipistrelle55
Desert Pipistrelle56
Pygmy Pipistrelle57
Bodenheimer's Pipistrelle58
Ruppell's Bat59
Botta's Serotine Bat60
Hemprich's Long-eared Bat61
Schlieffen's Bat63
Arabian Barbastelle64
Gray Long-eared Bat65
European Free-tailed Bat66
Egyptian Free-tailed Bat68
The Carnivores69
Red Fox74
Ruppell's Sand Fox76
Blanford's Fox77
Fennec Fox79
Striped Weasel82
Marbled Polecat85
Small-spotted Genet87
Egyptian Mongoose89
Striped Hyena92
Wild Cat96
Swamp Cat98
Sand Cat100
The Cetaceans108
Fin Whale113
Sei Whale115
Humpback Whale116
Sperm Whale118
Common Dolphin123
Bottle-nosed Dolphin124
Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin126
Pantropical Spotted Dolphin127
Spinner Dolphin128
Risso's Dolphin130
Short-finned Pilot Whale132
False Killer Whale133
The Sirenians135
The Odd-toed Ungulates138
African Wild Ass138
The Hyraxes141
Rock Hyrax142
Yellow-spotted Hyrax144
The Even-toed Ungulates146
Scimitar-horned Oryx149
Dorcas Gazelle151
Slender-horned Gazelle153
Mountain Gazelle154
Barbary Sheep158
The Rodents160
Giza Gerbil164
Anderson's Gerbil165
Large North African Gerbil167
Wagner's Gerbil168
Lesser Egyptian Gerbil170
Pygmy Gerbil171
Mackilligin's Gerbil173
Baluchistan Gerbil174
Greater Egyptian Gerbil175
Pallid Gerbil177
Lesser Short-tailed Gerbil178
Silky Jird179
Libyan Jird181
Shaw's Jird182
Tristram's Jird184
Negev Jird185
Fat-tailed Jird186
Fat Sand Rat187
Bushy-tailed Jird189
Four-toed Jerboa191
Lesser Egyptian Jerboa193
Greater Egyptian Jerboa195
Cairo Spiny Mouse198
Golden Spiny Mouse200
House Mouse202
Nile Kusu203
House Rat205
Brown Rat206
Bandicoot Rat207
Middle Eastern Dormouse210
Crested Porcupine212
Lesser Molerat214
The Lagomorphs217
Cape Hare218
Selected Bibliography227

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