FF - Volume 2: Family Freakout (Marvel Now)

FF - Volume 2: Family Freakout (Marvel Now)


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Did a good-natured prank-gone-wrong mean Ben Grimm caused the accident that led Victor Von Doom down his wicked path? As the sickness spreads to the other members of the family, their attention turns to righting this past wrong - could saving Victor be the only way stop Dr. Doom? Before they answer that, however, they have to deal with the Council of Dooms who treat the day of the Incident as a kind of nativity - and dozens of Dooms from dozens of realities have come to witness the birth of the Alpha Doom...oh boy that dorm room is gonna get crowded fast.

COLLECTING: FF 9-13. Also includes exclusive AR video content!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780785166641
Publisher: Marvel
Publication date: 03/25/2014
Pages: 184
Product dimensions: 2.50(w) x 4.40(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range: 9 - 18 Years

About the Author

Writer Matt Fraction established his reputation as an emerging talent with his work on Last of the Independents, which earned an "A" grade from Entertainment Weekly. After contributing to the X-Men Unlimited anthology, Fraction launched Punisher War Journal with artist Ariel Olivetti and Immortal Iron Fist with co-writer Ed Brubaker and artist David Aja - both of which met with critical and fan acclaim. Next came Invincible Iron Man with artist Salvador Larroca, premiering the same month as the blockbuster film; and Uncanny X-Men, written in tandem with Brubaker. Also a talented filmmaker and graphic designer, Fraction remains one of Marvel's most popular writers. His credits include a solo turn on Uncanny X-Men, the post-Siege epic Thor and its successor The Mighty Thor, the 2011 blockbuster Fear Itself, and the relaunched Defenders. In addition to his Marvel work, Fraction writes Casanova, illustrated by Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon, and Five Fists of Science, pitting Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla against Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan.

Artist Michael Allred debuted in late 1989 with Slave Labor Graphics' Dead Air, but the Tundra Publishing debut of Madman immediately established him as a leading creative force in the industry and earned him three Eisner Award nominations and a Harvey Award win for Best New Series. Allred followed the series with Dark Horse's sci-fi/rock'n'roll multi-media project (a film, an album, a comic) Red Rocket 7 and AAA Pop's The Atomics. He came to Marvel in 2001, helping relaunch the pop-inspired and acclaimed X-Force (later X-Statix). He later illustrated The Golden Plates, an adaptation of the book of Mormon, and began on a new Madman series, Madman Atomic Comics, for Image Comics. He and Neil Gaiman created the Metamorpho story in DC Comics' Eisner- and Harvey Award-winning Wednesday Comics. Allred is also an accomplished filmmaker, actor and singer/guitarist for The Gear who will release their third album, The Sane Insane, in 2012. Color blind, he's more than lucky to have the Eisner Award-winning colorist Laura Allred to light up his work and life.

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