Fey Case o Dr Jekyll an Mr Hyde: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in North-East Scots (Doric)

Fey Case o Dr Jekyll an Mr Hyde: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in North-East Scots (Doric)


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“He’d in his haun a wechty cane, wi which he wis ficherin; bit he spakk niver a wird, an seemed tae lippen wi an ill grippit-in roose. An syne aa o a suddenty he brakk oot in a muckle flame o fury, stampin wi his fit, furlin the cane, an cairryin on (as the maidie telt it) like a gyte body. The auld cheil tuik a step back, wi the luik o ane verra much bumbazed an a bittickie hurt; an at thon Mr Hyde brakk ooto aa bouns an cloored him tae the yird. An neist meenit, wi ape-like roose, he wis trampin his victim unner fit an dingin doon a heeze o dunts, unner which the banes wir loodly brukken an the corp lowpit on the roadwey.”

A horrifeein tale o fleg that’ll bumbaze an dumfouner its readers. Haud awa frae the licht settins o’t that ye’ve seen in films an gaither yer virr tae gyang intae the psycho­logical grue o Jekyll and Hyde. It’s in Lunnon that the buik is supposedly set, bit ilkie page is drookit in the oorie air o Embro—far Robert Louis Stevenson wis born. Is’t a Freudian fable, a morality parable, or a sexual allegory? Its up tae yersel tae decide.. ----

"He had in his hand a heavy cane, with which he was trifling; but he answered never a word, and seemed to listen with an ill-contained impatience. And then all of a sudden he broke out in a great flame of anger, stamping with his foot, brandishing the cane, and carrying on (as the maid described it) like a madman. The old gentleman took a step back, with the air of one very much surprised and a trifle hurt; and at that Mr Hyde broke out of all bounds and clubbed him to the earth. And next moment, with ape-like fury, he was trampling his victim under foot and hailing down a storm of blows, under which the bones were audibly shattered and the body jumped upon the roadway."

A horrifying tale of terror that will bewilder and amaze its readers. Forget the light renditions of it that you have seen in films and gather your courage to venture into the psychological terror of Jekyll and Hyde. It is in London England that the novel is supposedly set, but every page is drenched in the mysterious atmosphere of Edinburgh-where Robert Louis Stevenson was born. Is it a Freudian fable, a morality parable or a sexual allegory? Its up to you to decide.

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ISBN-13: 9781782012269
Publisher: Evertype
Publication date: 08/16/2018
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.41(d)

About the Author

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894), a Scottish author of novels, poems, and essays, is best known for the classic books Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. A literary celebrity during his lifetime, Stevenson remains popular for his celebrated contributions to the adventure and horror genres.

Date of Birth:

November 13, 1850

Date of Death:

December 3, 1894

Place of Birth:

Edinburgh, Scotland

Place of Death:

Vailima, Samoa


Edinburgh University, 1875

Table of Contents


Aboot the Scriever

I. Tale o the Yett

II. Hunt fur Mr Hyde

III. Dr Jekyll Wis Richt at Ease

IV. The Carew Murder Case

V. Maitter o the Letter

VI. The Unca Maitter o Dr Lanyon

VII. Happenin at the Windae

VIII. The Hinmaist Nicht

IX. Dr Lanyon’s Tale

X. Henry Jekyll’s Full Set Oot o the Case

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