Featuring an All-Star Cast of Friends

Featuring an All-Star Cast of Friends

by Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks



This 2003 package spotlights Dan Hicks (guitar/vocals) and his handpicked assemblage at a one-time-only gig at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco on December 9, 2001, honoring Hicks' 60th birthday. In his trademark approach, the pacing is decidedly low-key, even as different aggregates of musicians come and go between practically every number. This gives each delivery a unique texture and allows for some inspired interaction. Early classics include the jug band-infused Charlatans side "How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away?," with Mike Wilhelm (guitar/vocals), George Hunter (autoharp/tambourine), and Richard Olsen (tenor sax/clarinet/flute/vocals) from the original lineup of the legendary Bay Area combo. Participating from the seminal incarnations of the Hot Licks are "Symphony" Sid Page (violin), Naomi Eisenberg (vocals/violin), Jaime Leopold (string bass), and Maryann Price (vocal/percussion). "Reelin' Down," "The Buzzard Was Their Friend," "Canned Music," "Milk Shakin' Mama," "News from Up the Street," and the opening "You Gotta Believe" are all revived with considerable verve. This is especially notable in Hicks' limber fretwork, which vacillates from the hot-steppin' "Walkin' One and Only" to the sublime and intricate "Payday Blues," as well as "Strike It While It's Hot" from his then-concurrent release, Beatin' the Heat. Recommended for seasoned enthusiasts and the curious alike, there is much to enjoy and revisit on this outing.

Product Details

Release Date: 11/04/2003
Label: Surfdog Records Ada
UPC: 0640424401825
catalogNumber: 44018


Disc 1

  1. You Gotta Believe
  2. Milk Shakin' Mama
  3. Waitin'
  4. Strike It While It's Hot
  5. News from Up the Street
  6. Walkin' One and Only
  7. Evenin' Breeze
  8. Canned Music
  9. How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away?
  10. Saving My Lovin'
  11. Payday Blues
  12. I Scare Myself
  13. The Buzzard Was Their Friend

Disc 2

  1. You Gotta Believe
  2. Milk Shakin' Mama
  3. Waitin'
  4. Shootin' Straight
  5. Strike It While It's Hot
  6. News from Up the Street
  7. Walkin' One and Only
  8. Evenin' Breeze
  9. Canned Music
  10. How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away
  11. Saving My Lovin'
  12. Payday Blues
  13. Reelin' Down
  14. I Scare Myself
  15. The Buzzard Was Their Friend

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks   Primary Artist
Mitch Woods   Piano
David LaFlamme   Violin
Mike Wilhelm   Guitar,Vocals
Sid Page   Violin
Alex Baum   Acoustic Bass,String Bass
Dave Bell   Guitar
Stevie Blacke   Mandolin
Ned Boynton   Guitar
Dick Bright   Violin
Danny Caron   Guitar
Jay David   Vocals
John Girton   Guitar
Brian Godchaux   Violin
Dan Hicks   Guitar,Vocals,Master of Ceremonies
Brian Hopkins   Vocals
Jaime Leopold   String Bass
Paul Mehling   Guitar
Jack O'Hara   Vocals
Richard Olsen   Clarinet,Flute,Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Maryann Price   Percussion,Vocals
Paul Robinson   Guitar
David Rose   String Bass
Richard Saunders   String Bass
Julian Smedley   Violin
Tim Vaughan   Percussion,Drums
Austin DeLone   Piano,Vocals
Louis Aissen   Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Bob Scott   Percussion,Drums
George Hunter   Autoharp,Tambourine
Paul "Scooby" Smith   String Bass
Jon Weber   Guitar
John Brandeburg   Guitar,Vocals
Halimah Collingwood   Percussion,Vocals
Naomi Ruth Eisenberg   Violin,Vocals
Gus Garelick   Violin
Nils Molin   Percussion,String Bass
Josh Riskin   Percussion,Drums
Padma Rutley   Vocals
Mark Shinbrott   Piano
Turtle Vande Marr   Guitar
Dick Ziegler   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Dan Hicks   Composer,Producer
Paul Robinson   Music Direction
Clare Wasserman   Producer,Executive Producer
Tony Berman   Executive Producer
Dave Kaplan   Executive Producer
Jane Reynolds   Producer
Jeff Stein   Director,Filmmaker
Jeff Sloan   Engineer
Roc Baecht   Stage Technician,Guitar Techician
Madelyn Catullo   Production Accountant
Glenis S. Gross   Executive Producer
Alicia Guzman   Stage Technician,Guitar Techician
Mike Hall   Lighting Director
Jerry Jareouki   Camera Operator
Jarid Johnson   Camera Operator
Eric Lagerloff   Camera Operator
Ann Lakota   Camera Operator
James Macleod   Camera Operator
Peter Nevins   Prop Design
Steve Nielson   Monitor Mixer
Lionel Pasamonte   Director
Dave Thompson   Stage Manager

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