Feast by Firelight: Simple Recipes for Camping, Cabins, and the Great Outdoors [A Cookbook]

Feast by Firelight: Simple Recipes for Camping, Cabins, and the Great Outdoors [A Cookbook]

by Emma Frisch

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A transporting, lushly photographed book with easy-to-prepare recipes for gatherings at campgrounds and cabins alike.

Feast by Firelight offers solution-oriented recipes that make cooking outdoors feel effortless and downright fun and it shows how to utilize clever cooking methods, prep food at home, and pack smart. The book includes recipes for camp cooking as well as detailed menus, shopping and equipment lists, and tips showing how to prepare before you leave. Featuring 70 accessible recipes, it is the first of its kind in the outdoor-cooking niche to pair useful information with evocative photography of finished dishes and useful illustrations (such as how to pack a cooler and how to build a fire), setting a new standard for camping cookbooks.

Editorial Reviews

Library Journal

Frisch, owner of Firelight Camps, a self-described "glamping" facility in Ithaca, NY, more than meets the challenge of creating a great camping cookbook, offering varied, fun, and manageable recipes for a wide range of dishes, from cocktails to desserts. Each recipe provides a "Prep" section outlining the steps to be taken in advance of departing on a trip. Make no mistake, these recipes involve some serious cooking, but almost all of the work takes place in the home kitchen. The steps to finish a dish at mealtime are relatively simple and very clear. Gluten-free and vegetarian options abound, and are among the most interesting and delicious. Spiced sweet potato and kale tacos, for example, provide a memorable variation on a standby, made complete with a complex and satisfying flavor profile. VERDICT Beautifully illustrated, with welcome extras such as lists of recommended equipment, tips for efficiently packing your coolers, and engaging headnotes accompanying each recipe, this terrific resource will inspire outdoors enthusiasts who want to add flavor and flair to their camp meals.—Christopher Myers, Lake Oswego P.L., OR

Publishers Weekly

Food blogger, Next Food Network Star finalist, and Firelight Camps cofounder Frisch proves campfire dining doesn’t have to mean eating cold food out of a can. Here she offers more than 75 camp-friendly recipes that, for the most part, emphasize flavor over fuss. Though the need to make from scratch one’s own graham crackers for s’mores is debatable, Frisch’s do-ahead approach makes a lot of sense in this collection. All the ingredients for Zero-Degree Chili, coal-baked potatoes with fixings, and rosemary corn bread with hard-cider butter are put into ziplock bags and brought to the camp site; all the cook has to do is prepare a fire, transfer them to a pan, and the meal is good to go. Other dishes—such as a smoked-salmon spread; praline bacon; and lemon, parsley, and potato salad—come together quickly and can be prepped at home. Salient tips on outfitting an outdoor kitchen, the art of efficiently packing a cooler, and, perhaps most importantly, building and maintaining a campfire go a long way toward ensuring success for novices and veteran campers alike. Those who love the outdoors and want to elevate the experience will find Frisch’s book as vital as a good knife and extra matches. (Apr.)

From the Publisher

Cooking under the open stars with the right tools in hand deepens our connection to nature in the most special of ways. To experience it with a sense of prepared confidence, buy this book!”

—Michel Nischan, founder of Wholesome Wave and James Beard Foundation award-winning chef
 “What I love most about Emma's recipes is that they're incomparably delicious but not intimidating to make—and that's because she's as great a teacher as she is a chef. This book takes all the guesswork out of cooking in the great outdoors, which makes it just as much fun as camping itself.”

—Justin Fenner, senior editor, Men's Journal
“There's a joy in simple things done under the sky. Listen to Emma Frisch spin the ol' dharma of woodsmoke and cicada song, creating a serenade as you prepare the best food you're ever going to make for yourself. Get lost in the stories, chill your beer in the stream, and tuck in.”

—Duff Goldman, author and star of Ace of Cakes
“Filled with fun and accessible recipes, bold and inspiring photography, and documenting Emma's tales with loved ones around the world, this book dares you to go outside and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, starting and ending with a meal around the fire.”

—Farideh Sadeghin, executive director of the test kitchen at Vice Munchies
“In this delight of a book, Emma Frisch shares her passion for nature, a genuine love of camping, and enough expert advice and recipes to convince even me that it would be worth the risk of being the main ingredient on a bear’s menu to eat this terrific food.”

—Simon Majumdar, author and broadcaster
"Feast by Firelight is more than just a cookbook, it’s an essential guide to dining outdoors. The pages are bursting with detailed instructions on everything from how to properly pack a cooler to how to light a charcoal grill. The recipes are uncomplicated and easy-to-follow, using simple ingredients and clever techniques to create mouthwatering meals that go far beyond store-bought hot dogs and s'mores. Emma’s fervor for both food and nature is infectious, and I have no doubt this book will soon find a spot in the backpack of every outdoor enthusiast.”

—Nicole Gaffney, Food Network Star Season 10
“Emma’s recipes and the whole book are fun, easy, and simple. We all can learn how to make living simply so elegant. This book is a must-have.”

—Annie Farrell, Farm Builder, Millstone Farm

"Feast by Firelight delivers the smell of campfire, the promise of adventure, and a guarantee of the best food you'll ever eat under the stars."

—Thayer Walker, correspondent, Outside Magazine

"I've always preached that we need to show that sustainability can be sexy and fun. With Feast by Firelight, Emma Frisch shows that it is possible!"

—Majora Carter, Public Radio Host

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I go into the wild to still the noise inside my mind. I feel as if I’ve come alive when pockets of evergreen perfume drift inside my nose and the soft murmur of creeks trickle into my ears. Being outdoors heightens the senses in every way, cultivating an ideal mind-set for cooking.

Humans have always relied on sensory cues for making meals, and written recipes are no exception. Dishes need to be understood not just with taste but also with sight, scent, sound, and touch. When I competed on Food Network Star, I showed an audience of four hundred people how to massage cabbage for a slaw. Wiggling my fingers in the air, I said, “Don’t forget your most important tool!” The judges loved it, because they knew it was true.

Cooking outdoors is an opportunity to fine-tune our senses, a practice easily lost when we judge grilled chicken from an image in a book or on a screen. A Dutch oven and timer are helpful but it’s the smell of toasted, sweet kernels that slaps me in the face, telling me the cornbread is ready. We’re built with tools as equallyimportant as pots and pans, and there’s hardly a better time to use these gifts than when we’re in nature.

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