Father "X" and the Curse of the Shadpw People

by George Mather


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In the early days of the settling of this nation there was the unmistakable mark of witchcraft, and evil within the Pilgrim and Puritan communities. Into this background comes the story of the theft of a priceless Native American artifact, the tribal genealogy of the Wampanoag Nation. That theft unleashes an unholy supernatural power destined to take revenge and get the ancient history back.

Nearly 400 years later, a young Catholic priest, an Exorcist name Patrick Moran (Paddy) from Boston finds himself caught up in the hunt for the stolen sacred history. He becomes a target of the evil that has been turned loose on mankind. Fr. Paddy Moran faces grisly murders, witnesses Black Masses, is tempted romantically, and finds death at his doorstep as he fights against the unknown. He learns that, as fearful as these things are, as an exorcist it becomes his mission to solve the mystery of the Curse of the Shadow People.

Though the story is fictional, the book is based upon real events recorded by the author over the last 38 years. It is filled with the ideology of those who combat Demons (Exorcists) and those who practice the Black Arts (Occultists). This makes Father X and the Shadow People like no other mystery book of its kind. The belief systems represent realty.

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