Father Brown's Home for Boys

Father Brown's Home for Boys

by William J O'Shea


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The 1960's were a turbulent time in our history. Our leaders were assassinated, America was bogged down in Vietnam, casualty numbers fought for space with Anti-War and Civil Rights movements on the front pages of every newspaper and for the lead story on the nightly news programs. Concurrently, while the world was distracted by these problems, the monsters who preyed on children thrived. Even if they were caught, there was practically no prosecution of these predators. Their crimes against innocent children were called "Fondling" or at worst "Molestation", those who were charged were given probation.

In the Catholic Church, across the globe, pedophile priests also thrived. They operated with impunity. If they were caught their evil deeds were covered up by a Church that was afraid of public scrutiny and the predators would be transferred to another parish, where nobody knew of their crimes and there was also a new flock of children for them to prey upon.

Even when a priest behaved so outrageously that it became common knowledge that he was a child predator the police were never involved, rather he would be sent to a retreat in the South West where he would be treated and released back into the world like a vampire risen. These monsters weren't hiding under the bed, they were bold in their behaviors, and since everything was covered up they were above the law.

This predatory behavior by clergy didn't start in the 1960's, but it reached new heights then with all the other evils that plagued the world. Like other evil men throughout history these predator priests must have thought that God was on their side. He was not. In fact God had champions who conquered evil every day. These men would be held accountable for their sins, regardless of who they were.

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ISBN-13: 9780578461816
Publisher: William J. O'Shea
Publication date: 03/14/2019
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents



1. Area 3 Homicide

2. Piggly Wiggly

3. 42nd & Indiana Avenue

4. Area 3 Lobby

5. Mario Petrocelli's Kitchen

6. Audy Home

7. The Home

8. The Curtin's

9. Area 3 Youth Office

10. Lake Front 3600 South

11. Curtin gets a shoe shine

12. Kelly, Shine King, no shine

13. The Home

14. Cook County Morgue

15. Lake Front 3900 South

16. Audy Home

17. Audy Home Director's Office

18. The Home

19. Cook County Hospital

20. Audy Home Director's Office

21. Cook County Hospital, a call for help

22. Cook County Hospital, Fr. Brown

23. Area 3 Youth Office

24. Area 3, Fr. Brown

25. Area 3 Lobby

26. The Home

27. The Curtin's

28. Stephen A. Douglas Memorial

29. Cottage Grove Avenue, south bound

30. The Washington's

31. The Home

32. Stephen A. Douglas Memorial

33. Area 3 Youth Office

34. Surveillance Van 35th Street

35. The Curtin's Kitchen

36. Chinatown

37. Nativity of Our Lord Church

38. Area 3 Youth Office

39. Area 3 Youth Commander's Office

40. Surveillance Van 35th Street

41. Kelly's House

42. Area 3 Youth Office

43. The Home

44. Curtin's Basement Lab

45. Cook County Hospital

46. Area 3 Youth Office

47. Meadow Lakes Apartments

48. The Home

49. 47th & Lake Park Avenue

50. Hyde Park

51. The Home

52. Lake Park Avenue

53. The Home

54. 4634 S. Lake Park Avenue

55. Area 3 Youth Office

56. Fallen Heroes Crematory, 43rd & Halsted

57. Curtin's Kitchen

58. Fallen Heroes Crematory, the Rescue

59. The Washington's

60. The Home

61. The Washington's

62. The Bank

63. The Seminary

64. The Abbott's Office

65. Goldblatt's

66. The Seminary, the Rescue

67. The Cardinal's Mansion

68. Curtin's Kitchen

69. The Cardinal's Mansion

70. Juvenile Court

71. Kelly's House

72. The Cardinal's Mansion

73. Jackson Park

74. Area 3 Vice Control Division

75. Curtin's Kitchen

76. The Home

77. Midway Airport Storage Facility

78. The Assualt Team

79. The Washington's

80. The Chase

81. The Home

82. Judgment

83. Meadow Lakes Apartments


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