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Fantastic is the misguided 1983 debut release from the U.K. duo Wham. With Fantastic, George Michael and partner Andrew Ridgeley introduced themselves as leather jacket-clad, street-smart "rebels." This approach proved wildly popular in the U.K., where Fantastic was a Top Ten hit, but the album went largely unnoticed in the States. While Fantastic showcases the ability of the young (20 at the time of the album's release) George Michael to craft engaging, hook-filled melodies, much of the material on Fantastic suffers from the duo's pretentious, tough-guy posturing. The empty funk of the U.K. hits "Bad Boys," "Young Guns (Go for It)," and the embarrassing "Wham Rap" barely registers, and Michael's smart-aleck, self-conscious lyrics are often unintentionally hilarious. Although Michael eventually became well-known as a reasonably successful emulator of R&B trends, neither these tunes nor Fantastic's stupefying remake of the Miracles' "Love Machine" give any indication of his abilities. At best, Fantastic can be viewed as a testament to George Michael's maturity. "Nothing Looks the Same in the Light" and "Club Tropicana," two of Fantastic's best tunes, lean toward the lush, adult pop of Michael's later solo work. Fortunately, Michael and Ridgeley would later ditch the superficial, leather-jacketed approach for the more sophisticated pop of later Wham releases like "Everything She Wants" and "Freedom" (both from 1984's Make It Big) and "The Edge of Heaven" (from 1986's Music From the Edge of Heaven), finding major U.S. success in the process. Fantastic isn't a good album, but it's oddly entertaining. It's certainly interesting hearing the difference between the frothy Fantastic and Michael's later, "serious" solo work like Listen Without Prejudice and Older. And Fantastic is also good for a few chuckles. Unfortunately, that probably wasn't George Michael's intention. But even he might get a good laugh out of it.

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Release Date: 03/01/2008
Label: Sbme Special Mkts.
UPC: 0886972461922
catalogNumber: 724619

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Wham!   Primary Artist
George Michael   Vocals,Background Vocals
Andrew Ridgeley   Guitar
Chris Hunter   Horn
Anne Dudley   Keyboards
Jess Bailey   Keyboards
Baps   Horn
Guy Barker   Horn
Graham Broad   Drums
Jimmy Chambers   Background Vocals
George Chandler   Background Vocals
Geoff Daley   Horn
Martin Drover   Horn
Andy Duncan   Percussion,Drums
Tommy Eyre   Keyboards
Colin Graham   Horn
Josie James   Background Vocals
Luis Jardim   Percussion
Katie Kissoon   Background Vocals
Brad Lang   Bass
Stevie Lange   Background Vocals
D.C. Lee   Background Vocals
Roddy Lorimer   Horn
John MacKenzie   Bass
Iain MacKintosh   Horn
Sylvia Mason   Background Vocals
Tony Moroni   Percussion
Trevor Murrell   Drums
Ian Ritchie   Horn
Robert Ahwai   Guitar
Linda Hayes   Background Vocals
Dave Mortimer   Shouts
Paul Ridgeley   Guitar,Shouts
Tony Jackson   Background Vocals
Raoul ?   Horn
Bob Carter   Keyboards
Paul Cox   Horn

Technical Credits

George Michael   Composer,Producer
Andrew Ridgeley   Composer
Warren "Pete" Moore   Composer
Dave Mortimer   Contributor
Janusz Guttner   Contributor
William Griffin   Composer
Steve Brown   Producer
Bob Carter   Producer

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