Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

by James Newton Howard James Newton Howard


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Making his debut in the J.K. Rowling wizarding universe, composer James Newton Howard was tabbed to score Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the first entry in a prequel series to the Harry Potter franchise. No stranger to blockbuster series, Howard already composed music for members of the Dark Knight, Hunger Games, and Jason Bourne epics, among others. Here, he follows behind such esteemed colleagues as Alexandre Desplat, Patrick Doyle, and the iconic John Williams, the latter of whom created the main musical motifs for the original films, having scored the first three Harry Potter films. Howard pays brief homage to Williams' themes (catch the opening "Main Titles" or "The Niffler") while focusing on his own. He does so within an established soundscape; haunting vocals, harp, bells, plucked strings, and flitting woodwinds tie new settings and characters to the puckish textures of the epic's past. Moving deftly through scenes of action, humor, and danger, he uses styles ranging from jazz combo ("Macusa Headquarters") to keyboard ballad ("Newt Says Goodbye to Tina") and soaring rhapsody ("Inside the Case"). Howard's themes may not be as memorable as Williams' (a tall order), but they do transport and entertain, even separate from the film.

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Release Date: 11/18/2016
Label: Watertower Music
UPC: 0794043190728
catalogNumber: 39833
Rank: 9543


Disc 1

  1. Main Titles - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  2. There are Witches Among Us / The Bank / The Niffler
  3. Tina Takes Newt In / Macusa Headquarters
  4. Pie or Strudel / Escaping Queenie and Tina's Place
  5. Credence Hands Out Leaflets
  6. Inside the Case
  7. The Erumpent
  8. In the Cells
  9. Tina and Newt Trial / Let's Get the Good stuff Out / You're One of Us N
  10. Gnarlak Negotiations
  11. The Demiguise and the Occamy
  12. A Close Friend
  13. The Obscurus / Rooftop Chase
  14. He's Listening to you Tina
  15. Relieve Him of His Wand / Newt Releases the Thunderbird / Jacob's Farew
  16. Newt Says Goodbye to Tina / Jacob's Bakery
  17. End Titles - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Disc 2

  1. A Man and His Beasts
  2. Soup and Leaflets
  3. Billywig
  4. The Demiguise and The Lollipop
  5. I'm Not Your Ma
  6. Blind Pig
  7. Newt Talks to Credence
  8. End Titles, Pt. 2 - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  9. Kowalski Rag

Album Credits

Performance Credits

James Newton Howard   Primary Artist
Tony Lewis   Celli
Mark Berrow   Violin
Paul Cassidy   Viola
Simon Chamberlain   Piano,Celeste
Nick Cooper   Celli
Caroline Dale   Celli
Susan Dench   Viola
Richard Edwards   Trombone
Roger Garland   Violin
Tim Gill   Celli
John Heley   Celli
Martin Humbey   Viola
Garfield Jackson   Viola
Skaila Kanga   Harp
Paul Kegg   Celli
Gary Kettel   Percussion
Rita Manning   Violin
Kate Musker   Viola
Mark Nightingale   Trombone
Ben Parry   Choir Master
Maciej Rakowski   Violin
Frank Ricotti   Percussion
Sonia Slany   Fiddle,Violin
Robert Smissen   Viola
Jonathan Strange   Violin
Cathy Thompson   Violin
Trinity Boys Choir   Boy's Choir
Allen Walley   Basse
Hugh Webb   Harp
Fenella Barton   Violin
Gillian Findlay   Violin
Mary Scully   Basse
Helen Tunstall   Harp
Peter Lale   Viola
London Voices   Choir, Chorus
Julian Tear   Violin
Paul Willey   Violin
Philippa Ibbotson   Violin
Patrick Kiernan   Violin
Boguslaw Kostecki   Violin
Frank Schaefer   Celli
Jim Sleigh   Viola
Clare Thompson   Violin
Bruce White   Viola
Andrew Parker   Viola
David Fuest   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet
Paul Clarvis   Percussion
Richard Boothby   Viola Da Gamba
Susan Briscoe   Violin
Rachel Gough   Bassoon,Contrabassoon
Ian Humphries   Violin
Helen Keen   Flute
Julian Leaper   Violin
Stephen Maw   Bassoon,Contrabassoon
Gavin McNaughton   Bassoon,Contrabassoon
Anthony Pike   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet
Lindsay Shilling   Trombone
Edward Vanderspar   Viola
Pete Anthony   Conductor
Jane Marshall   Oboe,Cor anglais
Everton Nelson   Violin
Nigel Black   Horn
Rachel Bolt   Viola
Jonathan Tunnell   Celli
Corinne Chapelle   Violin
Deborah Widdup   Violin
Anna Noakes   Flute
Gareth Hulse   Oboe,Cor anglais
Ian Rathbone   Viola
Alex Hamilton   Horn
Lorraine McAslan   Violin
Clio Gould   Violin
Emlyn Singleton   Violin
Warren Zielinski   Violin
Gillianne Haddow   Viola
David Pyatt   Horn
Fiona Bonds   Viola
Ian Burdge   Celli
Paul Edmund-Davies   Flute
Sophie Harris   Celli
Thomas Kemp   Violin
Roger Linley   Basse
Andy Wood   Trombone
James Boyd   Viola
Charles Mutter   Violin
Chris Worsey   Celli
Duncan Ashby   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet
Philippe Honore   Violin
Nina Robertson   Flute
Natalia Bonner   Violin
Gustav Clarkson   Viola
Rebecca Carrington   Viola
Owen Slade   Tuba
Reiad Chibah   Viola
Tony Woollard   Celli
Richard Pryce   Basse
John Anderson   Oboe,Cor anglais
Morven Bryce   Violin
Beatrix Lovejoy   Violin
Vicci Wardman   Viola
Karen Vaughan   Harp
Richard Skinner   Bassoon,Contrabassoon
David Lale   Celli
Richard Cookson   Viola
Martin Burgess   Violin
Perry Montague-Mason   Violin
Thomas Bowes   Violin
Rachel Robson   Viola
Kate Moore   Trumpet
Chris Baron   Percussion
Llinos Richards   Celli
Katherine Jenkinson   Celli
Ben Hancox   Violin
Katherine Mayes   Violin
Sue Bohling   Oboe,Cor anglais
Nicholas Rodwell   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet
Nicholas Carpenter   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet
Alexandra Wood   Violin
Janey Miller   Oboe,Cor anglais
Debbie Preece   Violin
Tom Pigott-Smith   Violin
Nicholas Korth   Horn
Max Baillie   Viola
Christopher Tombling   Violin
Karen Jones   Flute
John Thurgood   Horn
William Lockhart   Percussion
Jonathan Evans-Jones   Violin
John Ryan   Horn
Jonathan Williams   Celli
Vicky Matthews   Celli
Alison Dods   Violin
Julia Knight   Viola
Alastair Mackie   Trumpet
Richard Tunnicliffe   Baroque Cello
Phillip Eastop   Horn
Jennifer Godson   Violin
Terry Edwards   Choir Master
Peter Hanson   Fiddle,Violin
Richard Berry   Horn
John Bradbury   Violin
Ed Tarrant   Trombone
Oliver Langford   Violin
Paul Kimber   Basse
David Gordon   Basse
Dorina Markoff   Violin
John Mills   Violin
Members of Trinity Choir   Choir, Chorus
Ben Rogerson   Celli
Mark Vines   Horn
Kathryn Parry   Violin
Christina Emanuel   Violin
Jason Evans   Trumpet
Rachel Simms   Bassoon,Contrabassoon
Mark Wood   Horn
Steve Morris   Violin
Peter Smith   Tuba
Christian Barraclough   Trumpet
Dominic Hackett   Percussion
Don McVay   Viola
Andy Pask   Basse
Steve Williams   Basse
Steve Mair   Basse
Dave Stewart   Trombone
Jackie Hartley   Violin
Andy Marshall   Basse
Dave Daniels   Celli
Kathy Gowers   Violin
Emma Harding   Bassoon,Contrabassoon
Members of London Voices   Choir, Chorus
Kowalski All-Star Band   Band
Thomas Hancox   Flute
Sam Stadlen   Baroque Cello
Robin Totterdell   Trumpet
Richard Warkins   Horn

Technical Credits

James Newton Howard   Composer,Producer
John Williams [composer]   Text
Peter Cobbin   Engineer
Richard Grant   Auricle Programming
Shawn Murphy   Engineer
Paul Pritchard   Score
David Yates   Executive Producer
Mario Grigorov   Producer,Writer
Tom Leach   Score
Jeff Atmajian   Orchestration
David Heyman   Executive Producer
Pete Anthony   Orchestration
Jim Weidman   Producer
Jon Kull   Orchestration
Lisa Margolis   Music Business Affairs
Chris Cozens   Auricle Programming
Peter Boyer   Orchestration
Sandeep Sriram   Art Direction
Mark Graham   Music Librarian
David Hage   Music Librarian
Thomas Bowes   Orchestra Leader
Pamela Sollie   Score Coordinator
John Prestage   Score
John Barrett   Pro-Tools
David Butterworth   Orchestration
Philip Klein   Orchestration
Adam Miller   Pro-Tools
Jim Honeyman   Orchestration
John Ashton Thomas   Orchestration
Sven Faulconer   Programming,Producer
Victor Chaga   Programming
Jack Fairbrother   Score
Matt Jones   Score
George Oulton   Score
J.K. Rowling   Writer
Madison Westwood   Assistant Music Supervisor

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